Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Lips and Botox Injections Before and After

Anna Faris, 36, is speculated to have had a nose job, botox injections, boob job, lip injections and even a chin augmentation!

Anna Faris is one of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood but unlike the majority of her peers who have succumbed to plastic surgery, she still seems really pure, untouched and natural. However, there are some changes about her if one looks a little bit closely…

Most noticeable change is definitely her breasts! Anna was flat-chested before but now her breasts appear fuller and more defined but they are not over the top. They still look natural and medium size despite going from an A-cup to a C-cup. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that Anna got the perfect boob job as her implants fit her tiny frame!

After getting breast implants, Faris, claimed she was pleased with the results of a padded bra that she wore while filming "The House Bunny" in 2008 to increase her character's cup size.

"It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy," Faris revealed to New Yorker magazine, so she made the decision to get breast implants to continue the feeling. 

Anna Faris admitted to New Yorker: "It wasn't a career thing - it was a divorce thing."

When Anna Faris decided to get her breast implants she had recently been divorced from her first husband, Ben Indra. According to Faris, there was friction as her career excelled and his career faded, which lead to their eventual divorce in 2007.

Anna Faris, shown at Hollywood Life magazine's Young Hollywood Awards in 2008, said of her decision to get breast implants: "I like the idea of feeling more womanly."

Anna Faris's lips look more juicy, bigger and fuller than before, an indication of lip injections.

Anna Faris admitted she has used collagen injections to plump up her lips for the movie "The House Bunny." She was disappointed though that her lips remained pouty afterwards instead of reverting to their pre-injection appearance.

Anna Faris's eyebrows appear a bit stretched and lifted up, a sign of botox injections. She has revealed she gets botox injections to smooth her wrinkles.

Anna's nose is slimmer with a more pointed tip and the bridge of her nose looks narrower, working in better harmony with the rest of her face.

Some celebrity watchers insist that Farris has also gotten a chin augmentation as her chin appears slimmer and smoother. The reason for that procedure was to make her smile sweet and adorable.

Anna Faris Has Become Prominent Due To Plastic Surgery Attempts

Anna Faris is known as the prettiest and gorgeous lady of Hollywood movies. She has worked in a lot of televisions serials and movies as well. She is famous due to her awesome acting and her charming beauty. There are millions of people all over the world that are excited to watch her new movies. With her new looks, she seems untouched, pure and innocent. There are many critics who have found some minor changes in her. Her small and flat looking breast has become more sexy and prominent now. Anna Faris plastic surgery has transformed her A cup boobs into appealing and sexy looking breast. She has not accepted about her plastic surgery but the deep eyes of cameras can find out the difference easily. Viewers like to watch their favorite celebrities with full attention, so there is no question to hide your plastic surgery work.

Anna Faris plastic surgery has dominated her figure among other actresses. If we pay attention to her past and present pictures, we can easily find out that she is incredibly changed now. Her breasts as well as other parts are more accurate in shape and size now. No doubt, she was beautiful but now she has become the most perfect actress with awesome features. Not only her breast size is increased but also her face looks are more attractive now. Her nose, chin, forehead and cheeks are more awe-inspiring for her viewers. Anna Faris plastic surgery has undergone for silicon breast implantation. Her eyebrows are more prominent due to Botox injections. Silicon and Botox injections have influenced on her chin, cheeks, breast, and eyebrows.

Anna Faris plastic surgery has given a smaller nose than before. Her nose was not as narrower as it is now. Anybody can spot out such high-flying differences. Moreover, her eyes are looking more blueish now. She has definitely used some kind of contact in her eyes. The most alarming point of her plastic surgery is related to her rosy lips. Now, the camera lights and her thousands of fans can figure out the difference in her smile. Her lisps’ shape is thinner and sharper now. All these changes have given her good results as she is more the center of attraction for social media now. In fact, Anna Faris did not reveal the truth but her changed body and face can be easily distinguished. Anyone can find out visible differences by just looking at her past and present pictures.

What plastic surgery Anna Faris have got?
After the Scary Movie I, audiences noticed that her breast had some changes. It looked like Anna Faris had underwent  knife to increase her boobs’s size from A cup to solid C cup. Many people absolutely confirm about this because before plastic surgery, Anna Faris owned a flat chested figure. And now her big breast makes Anna more pretty and sexier than before. Her boobs have been so natural and fitted with her.

Anna Faris has admitted to having a breast enhancement. She explained  breast implants to help her recover from a divorce “It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy” that she decided to get breast implants after the film was complete. The 36 year-old  Anna Faris added, “It wasn’t a career thing — it was a divorce thing.”

Anna has felt satisfactory with the result of her breast implant. Almost of people agreed with comments of that her new appearance has been actually fresh and attractive.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Anna Faris does appear to have much higher and fuller cleavage most likely from a breast augmentation.  It is normal to see recent divorcees seeking some type of physical enhancement through plastic surgery.  Many express the attitude of a new look for their new life.”

Rumors about celebs may be never end. Anna Faris has been supposed  to get many other plastic surgery such as Botox injections to lift eyebrows, collagen injections on her lip and nose job…

People can’t sure all about of these rumors has been true of just gossip. But we can’t deny that Anna Faris’s new look improved and more and more hottie.