Saturday, January 4, 2014

Did Hilary Duff get Plastic Surgery Lips, Breast Implants, Nose Jobs Before and After Photos

Something good will not always run as planed, that’s what we can say about Hilary Duff ‘s activities as a celebrity. As many people know, a celebrity’s lifestyle is not far from plastic surgery procedures. Some of them might be proud of their successful procedures and some of them might feel regret for their decisions. Hilary Duff , an America singer and actress has felt those two feeling – happiness and regret. What plastic procedures did she have?

As if the much hated horse teeth and nose refinement were not enough, cute Hilary Duff has apparently added some bolt-ons to her chest. They do not maker look curvier, they just look like oranges stuffed under her skin. Yuck! Take them out Hilary, breast augmentation is not for everyone.
Hilary Duff had several kinds of plastic surgeries including a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty several years ago, and lip augmentation recently. She brought herself to the world of excitement after she had a successful rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. In the past, her nose was a bit reshaped and made narrower, but not too much. Her breasts had a significant change. She had already resized the breasts to be a lot bigger and rounder than the boobs she had in the past.

Hilary Duff, actress and singer-songwriter who got her fame playing the title role in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire, even at a young age has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Did Hilary Duff  Get Her Teeth or Face Done?
Of the many stars that have grown out of Disney channel shows and programs, Hilary Duff’s celebrity plastic surgery rumors have caught quite a share of the headlines.
The singer and actress, who landed the role of Lizzy McGuire at the age of 14, has outgrown her Disney role to take on a career of her own.

Of course as she’s grown older and her body has changed there have been rumors of Duff going under the knife to maintain her youthful looks. Of course given Hilary’s very public statements on plastic surgery, it would seem odd if she had gotten cosmetic procedures done.
Given Hilary’s youthful age and appearance, the debate is maybe not quite as controversial as some of the older celebrities.  Gwyneth Paltrow plastic surgery, who is now reaching her middle age, encourages a whole different discussion.  The same could be said of Holly Hunter – see has Holly Hunter had plastic surgery?  But of other child stars such as Amanda Bynes, the same questions seem to rise.

Both plastic surgeries might boost her confidence, for she looked more beautiful and can impress many people. Unfortunately, she then decided to do another plastic surgery, but it didn’t run as she planned. She got a lip augmentation, where the lips were injected with too much fillers. The naturally sweet lips she had in the past had changed into fish lips. They looked too plump and weird.

She might have disappointed her friends, they imagine how could the beautiful princess named “Hilary Duff ” turn into an ugly creature.  Besides those 3 plastic surgeries, she is also rumored to have had a bad dental veneer. Hilary should learn from this experience that plastic surgery might be a good friend but sometimes it can be a cruel foe.

In order to appear as a woman, she decided to enhance her womanly assets. One of the first plastic surgeries Hilary Duff had was a breast augmentation to make her breasts larger with implants, but also rounder and perkier.

Hilary’s ‘little girl’ nose was replaced through surgery with a narrower, sharper nose. This made her face look more mature, and by and large was considered a successful change by the media.

After her first two plastic surgeries, Hilary Duff decided to keep going and get lip augmentation done. Unfortunately for her, she may have gone overboard, as today her lips look like they’ve been filled one too many times. Her previously pretty and sweet lips now look cheap, and unsophisticated.

Too bad for Hilary Duff  that no matter how much she cried out for attention, nobody seemed to care very much. Her friends and family likely miss the pretty young girl they used to know, while the press has never truly seen her as a sex symbol, or even as a grownup! Some people also believe she has had cosmetic dental work done, which left even her smile looking over-the-top and fake.

What kinds of plastic surgery Hilary Duff has done?

Hilary Duff breast implants
Plastic Surgeons said it’s quite possible that Hilary Duff has done boob job.

“It is definitely possible she may have had a breast augmentation. The edges of her breast look very defined, which can be a sign of breast implants. If they are implants, they are not too big and tastefully done.” She probably went from a 34B to a 36C.

Hilary Duff nose job
Hilary Duff’s nose shape changed a lot during the years. Her nose was much longer and now it’s shorter and thinner thinner, less bulbous but seems more common nose now.

Hilary Duff Dental Teeth
Hilary Duff has done much cosmetic dentistry to her teeth. Check the photos below, Hilary Duff  did teeth wrintening to her teeth obviously.

Hilary Duff’s teeth were big and she hardly close her mouth when she smiles. Now after the dental work, her teeth seems much better looking, not so broader than before. And you can see Hilary Duff  smiles much more than before.

Hilary Duff lip injections
Hilary Duff was once spotted with swollen lips and it’s obviously the sign of doing lip injections. Possibly just on her upper lip to make it much fuller.