Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Lips Augmentation and Nose Job Before and After

When part of your job is looking your best, plastic surgery becomes a reality. Many actresses know that as they age, they will be more appealing to a wider audience, and to more casting directors, if they maintain an essence of youthful beauty. A celebrity recently rumored to have had plastic surgery is Jaime Murray, and for exactly the reasons given above. It has been speculated that she has had more than one cosmetic surgery procedure, including lip augmentation and rhinoplasty.

Commonly, Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery aims to obtain perfect performance. Of course, every woman will desire to obtain nice appearance, so when she is in old age, she will try to hide it by utilizing plastic surgery. The result of plastic surgery is purposed to obtain young performance. It is also suitable with Jaime Murray; she had applied plastic surgery because she wants to eliminate old-mark on her face. In fact, she obtains many rumors that she had obtained several kinds of plastic surgery treatment. The popular plastic surgery that had applied by her is augmentation of lips and also the treatment of rhinoplasty.

It seems that people started speculating about possible Jaime Murray plastic surgery not because they have noticed some changes in her appearance but because she looks too perfect to be all natural. Jaime Murray is an actress who became much more known after she got a role in hit TV series “Dexter”. She has also appeared in other TV shows like “Ringer”, “Hustle” and “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”.

Did Jaime Go Under The Knife?

That’s the question many fans are asking!

Jaime Murray was recently asked whether or not she had indeed succumbed to the pressure of celebrity plastic surgery.

Contributors from the celebrity plastic surgery blog recently caught up with Jaime at the 2011 Emmy’s to judge for themselves about the possibility of plastic surgery. There was an article written for the blog but it has been deleted for unknown reasons.

The British tabloid the Daily Mail quoted Jaime Murray as saying regarding plastic surgery: “Oh no! I think that as an actor you should retain your individuality, so I don’t think it’s a good look. I’m happy with who I am.”

Well, if the Daily Mail could not uncover any news to the contrary odds are that she is indeed natural as nature intended, for now at least.

Has Jaime Murray Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Some celebrity watchers are already wondering and obsessing about the ingénue English beauty and whether or not her beauty is natural or enhanced.

Jaime Murray was relatively unknown in the United States until she played a sociopathic support group character Lila West on the hit television series Dexter in the second season.

Jaime got her start playing Stacie Monroe in the U.K. BBC One television series called Hustle in seasons one through four.

In 2011, Jaime has starred in the Starz mini-series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and two episodes of Ringer, the CW television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

However, there is absolutely no proof to confirm any of the Jaime Murray plastic surgery rumors. Not only had actress denied having anything done but also there are no photo comparison photos which would indicate any kind of surgical altering. It is true that Jaime Murray has a very unique and different appearance, she is also very beautiful. It doesn’t look that she would need any kind of plastic surgery. If she would actually decide to get plastic surgery, there’s a big possibility that she would ruin her naturally beautiful appearance. Nowadays we can hear a lot of stories about celebrity plastic surgeries that went wrong, such as Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein or Joan Van Ark plastic surgery. All of them looked much more beautiful before all the plastic surgeries than they looked after them.

All things considered, it seems that there hasn’t been any Jaime Murray plastic surgery done and those rumors that we hear are just rumors and nothing more. Either way, she is a stunningly beautiful actress and there is really no need to go under the knife when nature has blessed her with such perfect looks. Who knows, maybe she will decide to get something done in a few years when she starts getting older and her appearance wouldn’t be as perfect as it is now. Only time will tell.

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery result is enough good. You can prove it by seeing the current photos and compare with the previous photos. You will find that her face appears so beautiful and natural. There are so many people who argue that her face cannot obtain the treatment of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, you can prove that she had obtained the treatment of plastic surgery by seeing her with closer place. Of course, you will find various changes such as her lips and also her nose. Augmentation of lips was done in order to obtain fuller and nutritious performance.

Moreover, she was also rumored to obtain plastic surgery that focused on a nose job. There is different performance on her nose; it becomes so smaller and flared nostril. Of course, different look is believed by majority celebrities can keep and increase their careers. Therefore, there are so many celebrities who are willing to spend much money in order to obtain the best performance.

While her nose has always been narrow and sculpted, recent photographs appear to give away the fact that the shape has, even if ever so slightly, changed. The nostrils appear to have been flared just a bit, and the bridge looks a bit smaller than before.

Of course, as is the case with many actresses before her, she has publicly denied every having any plastic surgery. She is proud of her ‘natural look,’ and says she would never get any kind of cosmetic surgery done. If she has had surgery, it is subtle and successful, and she should be proud! As for the truth, that will have to be a little secret between her and her management for now!