Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before and After Bra Size, Breast Implants,Botox Injections

Do you recognize actresses from their roles in the “American Pie” series? Well, a couple of months ago, Tara Reid came up in the plastic surgery rumors. She is not the only actress who is dealing with these rumors, because there is also Jennifer Coolidge. It makes sense that she encounters those rumors since she’s managed to keep her young appearance despite being in her late forties.

Jennifer Coolidge is best known as MILF, yeah she has hot and sexy body at her age, and it is not strange if she is called with that nickname.

Her nickname of MILF came from her role plays as Stifler’s mom in a popular American comedy movie titled American Pie. In this movie Jennifer Coolidge played a role as a hot mom and idolized by the boys in that movie.

When a famous person starts getting older and still looks the same, people start suspecting that they might have had a plastic surgery. This is probably the main reason why the rumors about Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery started to show up. This Hollywood actress is probably mostly remembered for her role in movie “American Pie”.

Jennifer Coolidge bra size is a humungous 38 DD

Stifler’s Mom is the name that sang sweet nothings to countless teenage guys and grown men alike in their dreams!  American Pie would not have been the same had this character been removed from it. The importance of this character in the life of young boys was even more as Jennifer Coolidge personalized this role to the perfection giving the perfect image of a MILF! Her plunging breasts were seen throughout the movie and so it is of surprise that Jennifer Coolidge bra size topped the charts in the internet searches database.

The word MILF looks like it was coined only for Jennifer Coolidge as she not just perfected that role but also gave it a new meaning and soul. She was and is the ultimate Fantasy women for the entire male species. The curvaceous and voluptuous figure caused the excitement and intrigue to know more about Jennifer Coolidge bra size. She defies her age from every aspect and makes it look like her gigantic rack has nothing to do with her age. Her perfect apple shaped body makes it incredible to have any more figure in mind when considering a MILF. In almost all the roles that she has played so far, she has definitely taken advantage of her curvy and heavy chest and worn deep V neck or low cut dresses that accentuates her cleavage more or makes her breasts plummet.

When discussing an older actress who still looks great such as Jennifer Coolidge, plastic surgery is one of the first suggestions that someone might make.

Born on August 28, 1963, Jennifer Coolidge first shot to popularity in 2003 with her role in American Pie as Stiffler‘s mom and she’s been working more in the public eye since then.

Jennifer Coolidge ageing gracefully.....Now well into her middle years, it appears as if Jennifer Coolidge hasn’t aged a day since the role that really got her noticed in the classic comedy.

While it isn’t a surety, some have suggested that Hollywood plastic surgery is the reason for her remaining less touched by time.

Many people have said that Jennifer Coolidge bra size is actually a 40 D. As per ours sources, it’s a 38 DD. At 5’10”, she is quite the leggy weighing around 75 kilos. Her heftiness has been duly complimented with her breast size which is why we can shoot off any rumor that suggests that Jennifer Coolidge might have gone under the knife for breast augmentation. What we feel is that someone who has been naturally blessed with a pair of gorgeous and hugely magnificent breasts, there is absolutely no need to get the help of a scalpel to give it more shape and size. Jennifer has been maintain herself very well and like we said earlier, her 40 plus age does not even come anywhere nearer to her bodacious rack and her incredible figure. She has been the perfect idea of a MILF and even in years to come, the character Stiffler’s Mom would be there to give young men company in their times of need and urgency!

The Case for Jennifer’s Surgery

When you get up to being a middle-aged actress, there’s a feeling in parts of Hollywood that you just can’t compete with younger actresses in the beauty department.

Younger starlets such as Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian for example.

And while Jennifer Coolidge doesn’t look like she’s tried to make herself younger, she also doesn’t look as if she’s aged at all since 2003.

If you hold up the photographs of then and now next to each other, you might think that they were taken on the same day. An impressive feat under any circumstances.

The general consensus is that Jennifer Coolidge has undergone a variety of smaller procedures rather than any particular major surgery (such as those undergone by Jocelyn Wildenstein, also known a ‘Cat Woman’).

Botox injections have been speculated on, as has Restylane in her very prominent lips to keep them full.

Her skin still looks healthy and undamaged, so chemical peels have been suggested as a source for the durability of her epidermis.

She may have had a small browlift and a mini-facelift as well to help tighten up her jowls, which should have sagged after the weight loss that the actress achieved in her middle years.

A younger Jennifer Coolidge - we a website that carries a great deal of news and speculation on plastic surgery celebrities, has consulted plastic surgeons about whether or not Jennifer Coolidge has had cosmetic procedures done.

Dr. Paul Nassif has gone on the record as saying that Coolidge, “appears to have had Botox, facial fillers and a lip augmentation.”

Nassif pointed out that all of the work that Jennifer Coolidge has had done was more of a preservative nature, rather than meant to reverse the clock to make her look younger.

Aside from Nassif’s statements, the consensus seems to be that the whatever work Coolidge has had done is top quality because it’s so hard to tell it was done at all.

Of course, no one’s come forward to tell all about any surgical procedures so speculation and well-founded guesses are what we’re going on as the adoring public.

None of these rumors have been confirmed by the actress herself. At least for now, the Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery rumors are only speculations, but it seems that even plastic surgeons agree that she did have some procedures done. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, she probably have had a face lift, lip augmentation and facial fillers. However, it is clear that these procedures were done professionally and subtly – her appearance still looks natural unlike some other plastic surgery celebrities. There are a lot of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong examples such as Jocelyn Wildenstein, Joan Van Ark and many others, but Jennifer Coolidge certainly isn’t one of them. At least not yet, who knows how she will look like in the future if she continues to alter her appearance with plastic surgeries.

All in all, it seems that at least some of the rumors regarding Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery are true. We cannot state it as a fact because actress has never confirmed it and there aren’t any drastic changes on her face. Even she did have some plastic surgeries, most of the people agree that nowadays she looks quite natural and beautiful for her age. It seems that the surgeries she possibly underwent were successful and haven’t ruined her appearance, at least for now. However, if she continues to surgically alter her appearance, sooner or later it will become obvious that her looks aren’t natural.

Jennifer Coolidge is undoubtedly famous for her overabundance of plastic surgery.  Her Botox injections, facelifts, and breast implants come as no surprise to anyone.  There's certain stars like Dolly Parton & Steven Tyler who actually make the "overdone cosmetic surgery" become part of there mantra in which people don't mind it; they expect it.  Jennifer Coolidge is one of the few who have been able to pull it off. Here's a young Jennifer Coolidge before and after plastic surgery.

In addition to Botox and facial fillers, Jennifer Coolidge was also reported to have facelift and chemical peel. Facelift treatment was focused on the jowl to get rid of sagging skin, and the result Jennifer’s jowl area looks tighter than before. Chemical peel treatment also helps her face smoother and free from fine lines and sun damage.

Seeing the surgery treatment Jennifer Coolidge had done, Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented that the combination of all those treatment, including Botox, Facelift, and Chemical peel created a great result and kept her vibrant and youthful.

Overall, Jennifer looks great with her new look, fans will await what she will do next to compete with young starlet in the entertainment industry.