Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Lips Augmentation Before and After Photos

Jessica Biel is one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities. Needless to say that there is a lot of speculation regarding Biel's beauty...Is she 100% natural or has she fallen into the trap of plastic surgery?
Jessica Biel is rumored to have made multiple visits to her local plastic surgeon for some extra lip cushion, in the manner of lip injections.Jessica Biel is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty (nose job) and lip augmentation through Restylane or Collagen injections.

How much of Jessica Biel’s good looks are the result of plastic surgery?
The actress who was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake for many years, is still appearing in major films like “The A Team,” and she’s known for her pouty lips and attractive screen presence.
However, after her breakup with Timberlake people in the tabloids began asking whether or not Biel had plumped her lips with injections, and if she’d gotten a nose job to alter said feature’s basic shape.

What, if Anything, Has Jessica Biel Had Done?

The rumors say that she’s gotten her nose altered, her lips plumped and her cheeks filled to maintain a youthful look.

However, speculation also says that Halle Berry has gone under the knife, which she fervently denies.
And while Biel hasn’t come out and said that she has or that she hasn’t, sites like Mydochub that specialize in celebrity gossip have nothing to offer other than the usual photographs and Hollywood rumors.
So in short, no one knows whether or not Jessica Biel has been surgically enhanced, but if she has been then the procedure was subtle enough that even the experts aren’t quite sure what was done.
A far cry from the bad celebrity plastic surgery that tends to get more coverage.

Well, looking at Jessica’s evolution over the years it looks like Jessica had lip injections through Restylane or Collagen, as evidenced by overly voluptuous and pouty lips in numerous public appearances. While Biel may have been born with full lips, the added volume in her lips does not seem to be natural.

According to plastic surgeon expert Dr. Anthony Youn: "Jessica Biel does appear to have had some lip injections, possibly with restylane or collagen. While her real lips do appear fuller than the average female’s lips, they appear to be enhanced."

Many plastic surgeons and celebrity watchers estimate that Jessica Biel did not stop at her lips in her quest for perfection.
Jessica Biel’s nose may have been wisely shaped by a plastic surgeon, as old photos of her reveal a more bulbous tip, whereas her current nose is more sculpted, the tip is thinner, and the bridge is narrower. If Biel did have a nose job (rhinoplasty), then the results are natural-looking and subtle, only enhancing her beauty.

"There is also a possibility that her nose has been slightly thinned," claimed Dr.  Anthony Youn.

The truth is that the difference in Jessica’s look from her younger days to today is quite remarkable and it is possible that Jessica felt the need to present herself as a more sexy and mature woman once her career escalated from a young pastor’s daughter on television to a movie star beauty.

Judging by the before and after photos, it is evident that Jessica Biel had a nose job.

The question is: "What does Jessica Biel think of plastic surgery?"

"I'm definitely fearful in a very vain manner about my body aging. But I am really afraid of blades on my face. That freaks me out beyond belief. I would way rather have some wrinkles than have any kind of slice-up going on" Jessica Biel revealed.

Conclusion: The before and after pictures reveal some striking differences in Jessica Biel's appearance but nobody can be absolutely certain if these changes are due to plastic surgery or it is simply the natural change of the features that some people experience while they are growing up.

Jessica Biel plastic surgery is one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities. Needless to say that there is a lot of speculation regarding Biel's beauty...Is she 100% natural or has she fallen into the trap of plastic surgery?

Has Jessica Biel had plastic surgery?

Jessica Biel has been showing off a very streamlined nose on red carpets of late, prompting speculation she's gone under the knife.
The actress has long been believed to have had a nose job since breaking into movies, but now experts are saying she's had that nose job refreshed.

A recent appearance to promote The A-Team in London had one fan saying she "took it too far in the nose job, approaching MJ territory".

As you can see in our photos of Jessica Biel in 1998 and just days ago in London the bulbous tip on her nose appears to have been shaved down a bit.
We doctor Anthony Youn has previously said Biel's new nose is more sculpted, the tip thinner and the bridge narrower.

So what's the big deal? Doesn't every actress in Hollywood go under the knife?
Well Jessica Biel plastic surgery has long professed her dismay at her beauty.

She moaned about her beauty sucking, saying: "Yeah, it really is a problem, I just want an opportunity. If you don't like the audition, don't hire me! But if you don't want to even see me - that's hurtful."