Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Injections, Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery rumor is going wild nowadays; many people ask whether the rumor is true or no more than just a gossip. Well, IvankaTrump is from a rich family and has become a famous actress. She has a pretty appearance. Today, she has surprised her fans with her new appearance. Some of her fans said that she is undergoing plastic surgery.

The most obvious change is in her nose and breast. They say, she looks prettier than before with a small nose and nice breast, but some say that she looks unnatural and older than her real age. She has totally changed. She comes from a rich family, and then it is possible that she spends her money for plastic surgery.

Has Ivanka Trump Had Cosmetic Surgery

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of American businessman and entrepreneur Donald Trump and his first wife, former Czech model Ivana.

Ivanka Trump was born October 30th, 1981 and has had a varied career as a fashion model, as well as working as a product designer and launching a jewelry line named after her.

Educated at Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated with honors with an Economics degree, she is currently married to Jared Kushner, with whom she had a baby girl in July 2011, and works with her father’s organization, The Trump Organization, as an Executive Vice President.

As an heiress to the Trump fortune and a judge on the successful TV show The Apprentice, which is produced and run by the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump is an instantly recognizable celebrity.

This of course, is enhanced by her looks, and inevitably, she has courted controversy over whether or not she has had plastic surgery, and whether this enhanced her physical appeal.
Did Cosmetic Surgery work For Ivanka Trump?

Putting the typical pettiness that greats this kind of surgery aside, the implied cosmetic enhancement was good for Ivanka.

She was already a model at a young age, so the question of whether or not she was always attractive is moot. If she did indeed have cosmetic surgery, then it has improved her overall look and was done tastefully – something that cannot be said for Pamela Anderson.

It can be said indisputably that the results of Ivanka Trump cosmetic surgery, therefore, were very impressive .  The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures certainly show that while she was an attractive girl to begin with, the cosmetic surgery certainly accentuated her looks rather tastefully.

Known for her independent streak and strong character, this intelligent and yet devoted daddy’s girl does not bother to comment on her plastic surgery, though she does detest comparisons to other similar celebrities.
Why Ivanka Had Surgery?

To understand the possible core reasons behind her alleged plastic surgery decision, one needs to understand how Ivanka actually feels about her celebrity status.

She has revealed herself to be rather level-headed and not after the increased celebrity that comes after plastic surgery. Besides, she simply did not need it.

As the heiress to a wealthy fortune, attractive, intelligent and talented as she was, this was probably simply a decision to improve something she felt she wanted to and she obviously could afford to do.

So if it did occur, it is certainly not a desperate cry for attention akin to what Mariah Carey tried out so disastrously so that she could still appear in R & B videos.

Whether or not Ivanka Trump has had plastic surgery or enhancement of any sort, she remains a successful and attractive personality and the apple of her father’s eye.

What kinds of plastic Surgery Ivanka Trump Have Been Done?

Back when she was modeling for names like Versace, Thierry Mugler, Tommy Hilfiger, Sassoon Jeans, and Marc Bouwer, she had a cute bump on her nose’s high bridge and a receding chin. Now, the chin is fittingly aristocratic and the nose is pinched, which admittedly really suits her facial bone structure well.

Her high bridge now looks much slimmer and protrudes more. It is also straighter and higher than it was before while the tip seems raised. The tip of the nose is more pointed coming from a smaller nasal board. Rumor has it that this is actually the product of not one, but two nose jobs.

Apart from the nose job, there is evidence of dermal fillers, though there are some who speculate that she may have had botox injections and even a full face lift. Her face has been described as seemingly too shiny and extra smooth.

From recent interviews you can sense that her face has lost some of its natural characteristics and seems frozen in place. This may be an indication of botox injections applied in the wrong places resulting in nerve and muscle damage or some freezing effect.

Her jaw line seems to also have undergone some subtle metamorphosis and the prime suspect is implants or fat grafting to slightly enlarge it. From a frontal view, her face really looks perfect and makes you wish you had the Trump wealth to enhance your beauty as she did hers. However, from the side she looks like someone in a life-like mask that doesn’t quite fit.

Ivanka Trump breast implants

Even before she got pregnant, there was a substantial increase in her bust line as she went from an A-cup to a D-cup. Some keen observers even pointed out that her right breast was askew, seeming to want to grow into her armpit. Recent pictures indicate that she has had this corrected and the Ivanka Trump pregnant pictures that she posted attest to this.

The breast implants she supposedly had have also been described as a little too much for her body size and makes her appear disproportionate. Her A-cup size was a more natural fit and if she had to augment then a B or B-C cup size would have suited her much better.

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery is the focus of attention by media reporters and directors as well. She is popular due to her charming personality. There are rumors about her breast augmentation because the size of her breasts has increased rapidly. S her boobs are tighter and perfect in shape now. It is definitely due to silicon pad implantation. Moreover, Ivanka Trump has admitted her breast surgery and has related it to her delivery. In her old pictures, she had A cup size but in recent pictures, it has increased to D size.

In addition to her breast implants, she has experienced the surgeons’ s knife on her nose. Her nose was wider and small in shape. In recent pictures, she has a pinched nose with narrower nasal boards. Furthermore, the area of nasal bridge seems more protruding and straighter. In a nutshell, the result of nose surgery has modified her looks and she has become more attractive.

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery has become the center of gossips due to her significant looks. Her nose and breast augmentation is clearly visible to the audience. However, the majority of her fans claims that she has undergone chin augmentation . Her chin is more perfect in shape and it becomes visible by comparing her past and present pictures. Due to chin augmentation, her face cuts are modified. Her chin seems to protrude as well as pronounced. She has a smooth jaw line and her cheeks have become shiny and plumpy. It has been assumed that she has undertaken several Botox injections, liposuction, fillers, face lift and cosmetic surgery. There are many people who are criticizing Ivanka Trump plastic surgery for her new looks. According to their opinion, she looks aged than her exact age. She is in her 30s but her excessive plastic surgeries have included her among old actresses.

Ivanka Trump has neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors. However, at least in this case, it is more than obvious that there has been at least one Ivanka Trump plastic surgery done. It certainly wasn’t a plastic surgery that went wrong. The changes on her appearance have only made her look even more beautiful and certainly haven’t ruined her looks. Nowadays we hear a lot of stories about celebrities who have ruined their appearance with too much plastic surgery, such as Jocelyn Wildenstein, Meg Ryan or Mickey Rourke. Ivanka Trump certainly isn’t one of them and probably won’t be, because she doesn’t really need any kind of plastic surgery to look as beautiful as she does. Even since the beginning of her career as a model, people have admired her good genes and beauty.

All in all, we can state that there has been at least one Ivanka Trump plastic surgery done. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, photo comparisons are enough evidence to know where is the truth. It is possible that she has had more plastic surgery procedures, not only breast augmentation, but the changes in her appearance were so subtle that it is hard to tell if they have happened naturally or as a result of little plastic surgery procedure. Either way, most people would agree that Ivanka Trump is a stunningly beautiful woman and the procedures that she might have had, have only made her look better.