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Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Botox Injection

Victoria Principal plastic surgery – how well did it go?

Most of the speculations about Victoria Principal plastic surgery started when she started getting older and people noticed that her skin remains smooth and flawless as she ages. Victoria Principal is a famous actress, mostly known for her role on popular TV show “Dallas”. Having in mind that actress is in her 60s now, she certainly looks very good and probably 10 if not 20 years younger than she really is.

For quite some time people were wondering how actress managed to maintain such flawless skin. There were various rumors regarding possible Victoria Principal plastic surgery. The most popular speculations are about facelift procedure, Botox or similar filler injections and various laser treatments. Looking at some of the photo comparisons, it really looks like she has been using Botox injections, but she hasn’t overdone it and at least for now, she doesn’t have that “plastic” look. However, actress has denied having a facelift or any kind of laser treatments.

Many people have difficulty believing her words, because she has a good reason to hide the truth. The interesting part is that Victoria Principal has her own skin care line called “Principle Secret”. According to her, she managed to maintain her youthful looks just by using these beauty products. Who knows, maybe it’s the part of her business plan and we will never figure out the truth if she really has had a plastic surgery. Another thing that should not be forgotten is that some people don’t consider Botox injections as a plastic surgery. Besides, Victoria Principle has never denied having Botox injections.

One way or another, Victoria Principal certainly isn’t one of the bad celebrity plastic surgery examples. Some of the Hollywood celebrities, like Jocelyn Wildenstein and Mickey Rourke even being much younger have ruined their appearances with getting numerous plastic surgeries. Many people agree that Victoria Principal looks great for her age and even if she has had little plastic surgery done, it was done professionally and subtly – in order to maintain her youthful looks without altering her face too much.

All in all, it would seem that there has been at least a little Victoria Principal plastic surgery done, but for now there is no proof to support these speculations. It is most likely that even if Victoria Principle has gotten any kind of plastic surgery, she wouldn’t admit it because it would ruin her business with the beauty product line. One way or another, she is a beautiful woman ant it is only her decision how she chooses to manage her youthful looks.
Take a look and decide if Victoria Principal plastic surgery is truly an awful one / successful one.

When famous people start to get older, people automatically begin questioning the possibility of their plastic surgery. There is nothing strange that people started talking about Victoria Principal plastic surgery. She is an American actress, mostly known for her role in soap opera “Dallas” which she played for ten years. Victoria Principal is now in her 60s and it seems that her face looks too smooth and youthful to be all natural.

There are a few different theories about possible Victoria Principal plastic surgery procedures and if she has really gotten any. At least for now, the only proof for these rumors are photo comparisons. The surgeries that are mostly discussed when talking about Victoria Principle are Botox injections, face lift, blepharoplasty, cheek implants or fillers and breast augmentation. These procedures are probably the most common choice of older celebrities. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, it becomes clear that Victoria’s face isn’t all natural. The skin on her face looks very smooth and too tight which might be a result of too many face lift procedures and Botox injections.

Even though most of the rumors regarding Victoria Principal plastic surgery have been denied by actress herself, it seems that she has a good reason to hide the truth. According to her, the reason why her face looks so youthful is because she is using the products from her beauty care line “Principal Secret”. Having this in mind, it becomes clear that she couldn’t admit that she has had plastic surgery, because it would ruin her business. Either way, most people think that her face looks unnatural and surgically altered and it doesn’t really matter how many times she denies it, because photo comparisons show more that enough proof to decide what is what.

All things considered, it seems that at least some of the rumors about Victoria Principal plastic surgery must be true. We still cannot state it as a fact until it has been confirmed, but looking at the photo comparisons we can see that it is obvious that her face isn’t natural. We can only wonder how she would have looked like if she would have decided to age naturally. Either way, everyone has a right to choose what to do with their bodies and we shouldn’t judge her – many actors choose to surgically alter their looks to look younger for as long as possible.
Did Victoria Principal Undergone Plastic Surgery

Victoria Principal said that plastic surgery is only a rumor that buffeted her life. Until now this woman denies so hard that she had had gone under the knife to stay younger and ageless in her 63 years old. Because of her objections that continuously and always shy away, it makes the rumor that Victoria Principal has plastic surgery is like an old myth in Hollywood.

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Rumors

Victoria Principal is likely loves to see public was suffer with the speculation and rumor that she had plastic surgery. Either because of embarrassment or indeed never did, till now there are no clear issue about the rumor that Victoria Principal has undergone plastic surgery.

The rumor that Victoria Principal has plastic surgery because recently people spotted this woman has plumped cheek. The plumped cheek that usually appear at the people who got filler injection and maybe facelift procedure.

Victoria Principal is already 63 years old, but it will hard for you to found aging sign on her face, triggering the rumor that she has contacted plastic surgeon to preserve ageless.

She denies it by saying healthy life style and expensive anti aging cream are her secret to looks ageless and beauty till now. Victoria Principal didn’t have any slacken or shaggy facial skin, her cheek and lip looks plumped, her nose looks even sharper, her browlift and forehead seems elevated and lifted.

Those facial looks make Victoria Principal looks much younger than her real age. Victoria Principal plastic surgery denial doubted and questioned by so many people because Victoria Principal already on the screen for very long time, so its quite easy to found her photos and make public started to compared each of them.

Victoria Principal is looks like hottest granny ever in the Hollywood, and personally I ill appreciate her plastic surgery denial and said its only rumors to bad mouthed her.

But do you have same opinion like I had? Or do you still insist that Victoria Principal looks ageless because of plastic surgery? Leaves your comment bellow regarding on the issue Victoria Principal plastic surgery rumor.

The thing is that Victoria Principal has denied all the plastic surgery rumors, claiming that she is against it. It is hard to believe it though regarding that she spent over 20 years married to plastic surgeon Harry Glassman… (Principal told People magazine that she hadn't had plastic surgery, although she was married to Glassman for 21 years.)

Judging by the before and after photos, Principal is far different now. Needless to say that celebrity watchers and gossip websites state that she definitely succumbed to plastic surgery.

The CareFair site recently claimed: "the stark differences in the actress's features and the tightness of the skin reveals that she has had a facelift."

The question is: "What Victoria Principal revealed about plastic surgery?"

Principal revealed to ET: "It's sad when I see a woman who has done things to herself in an effort to look younger, and instead she looks some way she never looked before."

"I've never had a face-lift, or a professional peel or lasers," Principal was quoted as s aying. She declined to answer questions about whether she had used Botox or dermal fillers such as Restylane. Victoria revealed: "Do I believe in plastic surgery? Yes. If I decide to do something, is there going to be a story about it? Absolutely not."

"I kind of like the way things are," Victoria explained. "And although there is a southward shift, it fits me."

On the other hand, plastic surgeon experts don't seem to believe Principal's claims that she hasn't had so much as a laser treatment because her skin appears as smooth and spot free as a young child's. So, Pricipal likely used laser treatments like Fraxel to maintain a youthful appearance.

Plastic surgeons consider that Victoria's face, except for the charming crow's feet, is unlined which is likely an indication of botox injections to relax horizontal and vertical lines and fillers like Restylane to plump up her lips. Her neckline is also very firm, possibly the result of a necklift.

Judging by the before and after photos, Victoria's eyebrows seem higher close to the hairline, possibly an indication of a facelift and brow lift. Her cheeks appear fuller than before; it might be as a result of cheek implant surgery.

To conclude, Victoria Principal is estimated to have had a facelift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, neck lift, cheek implants, botox injections and fillers like Restylane. Although her plastic surgery is extreme, Victoria looks younger than her actual age and remains pretty!