Monday, March 25, 2013

Viola Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Actress Viola Davis works in Hollywood who has made her name for her real like acting. She has worked in a number of movies, and has also won some awards as well; however she is famous for movies such as King Hedley II, Doubt and Intimate Apparel. For her acting in Doubt, she was nominated for an Academy Award, and had won a Play and Drama Desk Award for King Hedley II. Doubt was released in 2008, which proved a big hit at the box office. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award for her acting in the movie.

While there have been rumors about her that she has had a nose job as her nose looks pinched and thinned, it has been proved that all of these reports were actually wrong. She is natural and pure lady. The pictures of the lady show that she is showing us the same nose with she was born.

The lady was born in 1965 to Mae Alice and Dan Davis and was the youngest of the six children of her parents. She was born at a farm in St. Matthews, Southern California which her grandmother owned. Recalling the days of her childhood, the lady said that she spent all her childhood in abject poverty and dysfunction. It was really very hard time for the whole family when they had more people to eat and less to earn. The situation of the family gradually started changing when the children were raised up and they started earning.

American actress Viola Davis is famous for her genuine acting and her attitudes. She has been working in many movies where her performance was praised by the viewers. She has also won many awards for her roles in films. She is best known for these films, including Doubt, King Hedley II, and Intimate Apparel. She won Play and a Drama Desk Award for her acting in King Hedley II, and was nominated for Academy Award for her acting in Doubt. The movie Doubt was released in 2008, in which viewers likes her performance lot and this was the reason that she was nominates for Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award.

Looking at the pictures of the stars, Dr. Jennifer Walden thinks that she has not had any cosmetic procedure done. She is pure and her face is pure and she has not done anything wrong with her, nor does she need any. It seems like she uses a medicated cream called hydroquinone which has lighten her skin around her eyes and now she looks more charming.

There are some other experts who think that she has had rhinoplasty and careful Botox injections that have made her smile more beautiful. She has made her tip thinner, but the nostrils are still wide. She can have one more surgery to fix this problem as well.