Thursday, March 28, 2013

Victoria Silvstedt Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Lips

Victoria Silvstedt: Worst Plastic Surgery at Cannes?

Victoria Silvstedt is a fashion model turned Playboy playmate, but recently she is looking more “Real Houswives” than sexy supermodel. Victoria turned to plastic surgery to further her career in the 90′s and had a breast augmentation and lip enlargement, unfortunately it appears that plastic surgery is also what will end up ruining her good looks.

Victoria Silvstedt recently turned up at the Cannes Film Festival looking surgically over-done. Too much Botox, too much filler and too much makeup has Victoria looking bizarre, waxen and much older then her 36 years.

Victoria Silvstedt before and after over doing the plastic surgery:

Victoria’s face wasn’t the only thing that had people talking at Cannes. When Victoria slipped into her bikini for a little R&R, she revealed some serious rippling of her breast implants.

Victoria’s ripply breast implants:

It appears that Victoria has large saline implants, that were placed above the muscle, which can increase the risk for visible rippling. Victoria also has very little body fat, which makes hiding implant defects, such as rippling, even more difficult, if not impossible.

One of the pitfalls of plastic surgery is figuring out when to stop, and Victoria Silvstedt is not exactly aging gracefully. It looks like she is trying to fight mother nature tooth and nail, and the results are not pretty.

Victoria Silvstedt is the 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Year. She has had a ton of plastic surgery. Nose, lips, eyes, and breast implants. She is married to Chris Wragge.

Victoria Silvstedt and her above the muscle breast implants.

Watch Victoria participate in the Miss Sweden pageant in 1993

Victoria Silvstedt’s Obvious Plastic Surgery

Former Playmate and Victoria’s Secret Model Victoria Silvstedt, is anything but modest, making it easy for Make Me Heal to spot her obvious plastic surgery.

The 34-year old Swedish model is often spotted showing off her long legs and large breasts, on and off magazine covers.

The large space between her breasts and their incredibly full size make it obvious that Victoria underwent a breast augmentation at some point. Given that almost every photo of Victoria displays her large breasts, the augmentation likely took place early in her career and the implants may have been replaced or upsized since the initial surgery.

Almost as big as her breasts, are Victoria’s lips, which suffer from over-inflatiion. Although full lips are sexy, Victoria has developed the dreaded “trout pout,” giving her lips an unnatural shape. Victoria’s lips have been large for years, so she may use collagen, which make lips bigger for longer than more subtle injectable fillers like Restylane.

When Victoria and her overdone plastic appearance went out with Motley Crue band member Tommy Lee, she drew unfavorable comparisons to Tommy’s ex-wife, sexpot Pamela Anderson, another bottle blonde with big lips and pornstar-sized breasts. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Pamela Anderson’s plastic surgery). Make Me Heal couldn’t help but notice that it looks like Tommy should consider a visit to a plastic surgeon himself to tighten up his aging skin.