Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vladimir Putin Plastic Surgery Facelift and Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Russian Prime minister has people wondering if he got some plastic surgery procedures done to improve his image. He wouldn't be the first prime minister or head of State to get a cosmetic surgery procedure, and it is not the first time his look start speculation about it. Is this some kind of make up wonder, some photoshop magic or he actually got something done?

From these pictures, it looks like he could have gotten an eye surgery or blepharoplasty to correct bags bellow his eyes, some botox injections, but not too much of it and maybe facial fillers.
We can't be sure of course but it is a possibility, the fact is that his face and eyes appear more smooth and fresh comparing to previous pictures.

From Russia with Botox: Has Putin had a facelift... or just plenty of sleep? Mystery as bags under eyes vanish

In his days as a KGB spy, Vladimir Putin presumably knew a thing or two about the art of disguise.

And speculation mounted in Moscow yesterday that the Russian prime minister’s latest transformation is the less-than-subtle result of extensive cosmetic surgery.

The 58-year-old’s taut and wrinkle-free appearance at a party conference this week set tongues wagging that he has gone under the knife ahead of his bid to return to the top job of president next March.

Facelift? Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin sparked feverish speculation that he has had cosmetic surgery when he appeared at the United Russia congress on Saturday

Experts claim that Mr Putin’s dramatic transformation is down to a number of procedures including a facelift, cheek-fillers, a brow-lift, removal of bags under his eyes and Botox.

But while the faithful Moscow media avoided the subject, the internet was soon abuzz with Russians discussing his ‘odd’ look. One wrote: ‘He doesn’t look well. In fact, he doesn’t look like his usual self at all.’

Seeming to choose his words carefully, Mr Putin’s top spin-doctor, Dmitry Peskov, told the Mail: ‘As far as I know he hasn’t been going through any surgical interventions.’

Has Putin had plastic surgery?

Has the Russian leader had Botox? Or even something more radical?

With his likely return to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin looks set now to stay in power until he is 71 – but he probably won't look it.

The Russian leader has been the subject of intense speculation in Moscow on how he keeps looking so fresh. Botox? Face lift? Fillers?

The rumours first emerged last October, when Putin showed up to a meeting in Kiev sporting a massive blue-and-yellow bruise around his eye. Botox, concluded Russia's blogosphere. Putin's spokesman was forced to issue denials. "It's probably just how the light fell. The prime minister is tired."

Since then, Putin's face has contorted and smoothed out so much that it's at times unrecognisable. Talking to teens at the pro-Kremlin Nashi youth group's summer camp this year, he was at pains to smile. All wrinkles had disappeared. The blogosphere was at it again – had Putin out- Berlusconi-ed Berlusconi?

Vladimir Putin and the Italian premier are close friends. It didn't seem like much of a stretch to many that they would share plastic-surgery tips and contacts.

As the reality of Putin's decision that he would return to the Kremlin next year sank in, one joke was doing the rounds: "In response to the charge that there are no new faces in Russian politics, Vladimir Putin got plastic surgery."

Vladimir Putin is once again running for President of Russia and once again is causing speculation that he has had plastic surgery.

59-year old Vladimir Putin is once again under speculation of having plastic surgery, after debuting a wrinkle-free look on television. The Prime Minister of Russia may have had a facelift, as well as blepharoplasty and possible Botox injections.

ABC News speculates, ” Putin, like Kim Kardashian before him, is the latest celebrity to cause wild speculation online about whether he recently had some work done.”

“Putin, who turns 59 next month, appeared at an event over the weekend to accept his party’s presidential nomination.  His skin looked smooth and taught, visibly free of wrinkles and bags under his eyes.”

“The Russian magazine New Times ran an article earlier this month titled “What Has Happened with Putin’s Face?” Four plastic surgeons told the magazine he likely had undergone plastic surgery – receiving Botox injections in his forehead, an eyelift, and cheek injections.”

Prime Minister Putin likely has only one procedure at a time, to minimize the downtime from plastic surgery recovery in his busy schedule.

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn writes, ” If I was a plastic surgeon in Russia, I’d be afraid to speculate on him.  This isn’t the first time he’s come under scrutiny for having possible plastic surgery.  I previously commented on a possible eyelid lift and necklift.”

In an older post, Dr. Youn writes, “If I had to guess I’d say he probably had a minor injury on part of his face, maybe from walking into a door in the middle of the night.  He doesn’t appear to have had a facelift, although an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is possible.  The skin of his neckline is still somewhat loose, and there are no telltale scars around the ears to signify a facelift.”

“Even if I thought he had plastic surgery, I don’t know if I’d admit it.  He’s one scary dude.”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “ It is possible that Vladimir Putin has had Botox injections to his upper forehead.  His eyes definitely appear to have had a little work as his eyelids are remarkably smooth and look like that of a 25 year old.”

The former president and current Prime Minister is running for president again, leading to international speculation about his plastic surgery.