Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Jobs

Vida Guerra has caught the eye of numerous men since she introductory premiered in FHM in 2002. She shook her spy row for P.Diddy in his recording of the aforementioned establish in 2003. She's justified prefabricated her rounds in the NFL by dating Carolina Panthers difficult end Jeremy Shockey and late San Diego Chargers back Dancer Merriman. Woman gets around. Statement is, this video vixen has is a standing at the local impressionable surgeon. The Cuban framework has patently had a boob augmentation and her victim is litigator too. Vida is a less artefact at fair 5-foot, 3-inch and a simple 115 pounds to somebody assets same Mo'Nique.

Is Vida Guerra Modeling with Plastic Surgery?

Curvy and petite Vida Guerra is practically a legend for her rear end. Thanks to appearing in numerous men’s magazine, her shape has carved out quite a career. But are Vida’s Cuban curves hers or the result of plastic surgery?

36-year old Vida Guerra is certainly stunning. Since making her debut in lingerie in FHM back in 2002, she has gone on to become a men’s magazine favorites appearing in them, Playboy as well as making many music videos. Vida has almost certainly undergone a breast augmentation, helping her big bottom appear more proportionate with the top, but making the augmentation more obvious and bolted on when she loses weight. Vida’s generous backside has also sparked rumors that she has had a buttocks augmentation, either via a gluteal implant or a Brazillian butt lift.

New York plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden says, ” It is possible Ms. Guerra may have had gluteal implant surgery based upon the prominence of her buttocks in the photos. She also appears to have undergone breast augmentation.”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “She does have a very voluptuous rear for such a tiny frame.  She may have had a buttocks augmentation using implants or by what is known as a Brazilian Butt lift- where fat is liposuctioned from her body and transferred to her buttocks.  Either she is a relative of JLO or she has had some help boosting her ‘assets’.”

Vida Guerra's bolted on boobs

Music video model Vida Guerra shows off her bolted on looking breasts at the beach last week. She has lost weight since she first entered the public eye a few years ago. The weight she has lost in chest is rather revealing. Her breasts look hard and round.

Check out these pictures of Vida Guerra before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Vida Guerra had good or bad cosmetic surgery?