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Angelina Jolie Nose Job, Lips and Botox Injections Plastic Surgery Before and After

Angelina Jolie is the center of Hollywood news, rumors and gossips. She has grabbed the attention of social and electronic media. Angelina Jolie plastic surgery news has got top place in Hollywood rumors. No doubt, she is considered as one of the most fashionable and charming ladies. She is definitely a popular model, businesswoman and actress. Angelina Jolie has entered in her early 50s but she is still fresh and attractive as usual. People know that she has undergone several plastic surgery, Botox injections and cosmetic surgeries.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery is not revealed by her spokesperson. Moreover, she has not admitted herself about her skin treatments. The eyes of cameras and critics can easily sort out the differences in her past and present pictures. The most prominent difference is related to her lips. She has plumped lips and her face is a little bit lifted. Now, her forehead is free of wrinkles.  It can be due to severe Botox use. Her skin looks young and fresh and it can be the result of some anti aging factors. Definitely this factor will be related to plastic surgery.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery has made the news reporters anxious about her long-lasting beauty. Therefore, they made a plan to judge her bundle of pictures from different time frames. Angelina Jolie has never admitted about her plastic surgery but her pictures speak the truth. It is clear that she has undergone surgical treatment for several times. The first prominent difference is in the shape of her lips. Her lips are wider and glossier than before.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery rumors are nothing new, but according to the latest cover issue of Life & Style Magazine, Angelina Jolie has gone through various nip and tucks in the past few years. The headline states ‘Angelina’s secret nip-tucks’ and seems to show an image of her from several years ago juxtaposed with an image of her from the recent Disney convention, when she was promoting Maleficent.

To be fair, I do think she’s had work done, but I don’t think it’s to the extent that the media and tabloids make it out to seem. We know she hasn’t had her lips enhanced, but there were actually rumors that she had them reduced, and then filled out again to get rid of lines and other signs of aging. Other than that, I wouldn’t be surprised to know she has had botox and fillers, because her face did look unnaturally smooth at the D3 convention, even more than it does normally.

Look, Angelina Jolie has superior genetic material, so this could just all be the result of genetics. But even the most beautiful people fight aging in Hollywood, and Angelina’s probably no different. Although she’s shying away from movie roles that focus on her looks, she still needs to maintain her public image and her looks are a very large part of that.

Of course, no matter what she does, signs of aging will eventually set it. At 38 years old, a mother of six children, and a humanitarian AND a movie star, exhaustion will also play a role in the aging process, and although Brad Pitt tried to fight it for so long, you can already see the signs on his face.

If Angelina Jolie has done plastic surgery? Angelina Jolie, born June 4, 1975, one of the world’s most beautiful women, inherited the look from her beautiful actress mother have also done plastic surgery including nose job, chin fillers and more! Just check the following for more details.

What plastic surgery Angelina Jolie has done?

It’s reported that she’s had done plastic surgery such as nose job, lip reduction, face lifting, neck tightened and even fat injections to get younger looking, plus, it’s also rumored she has done botox. A mysterious insider also said that Jolie, in pursuit of maintaining her beauty, have done all procedures from neck tightening to face lifts.

It has been well known that Angelina has done nose job. If you look into the “Angelina nose job before and after” photos, you will see her nose looks smaller and narrower! There’s another possibility that her looks might be the result of the makeup artist. But for Angelina Jolie, this tough women persues perfection all the time, it’s more likely that she has done nose job to create a better look.

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After nose job

It’s more clear to see her nose shape changed a lot! You notice her lip shape?

It’s more sure that Jolie has asked for an excellent plastic surgeon to help her rim the nose to get an elegant look. Her plastic surgey has been one of the best plastic surgeries.

Angelina is famous for her sexy lip! Check the “lip reduction plastic surgery before and after” You will see her lips clearly smaller than before. Her earlier photos seems her lip too big and it seems like swollen. Now her lip seems so sexy!

Angelina Jolie botox?

Rumors that Angelina Jolie has done botox have been everywhere, but I doubt it. You can see wrinkles at several of the above pictures (right) certainly a strong proof that Angelina didn’t do botox. But if she will have botox done in the future? It’s quite possible!

Anyhow, no matter what plastic surgery Angelina Jolie has done, she is still the most beautiful women in the world and the kind-hearted celebrity

Angelina Jolie on Plastic Surgery: "I Haven't Had Anything Done"

Angelina Jolie
has one of the most famous faces in the world -- and it's all natural, she insists.

"I haven't had anything done and I don't think I will," Jolie, 35, says in a new interview with British paper The Daily Mail. "But if it makes somebody happy then that's up to them. I'm not in somebody else's skin to know what makes them feel better about themselves. But I don't plan to do it myself."

In the extensive interview, the actress opens up about life with Brad Pitt and their six kids -- who've helped her "enjoy" her high-flying career. "I enjoy the work more now because I enjoy life more," she says. "When you have children the whole world shifts for you. You have these little people that make you laugh and remind you every day of what is important, and you get to be their parent and that's the most important thing you'll ever be. Everything else comes from that."

The Jolie-Pitts had a blast shooting The Tourist in Venice last spring. "My whole family came, so we had this beautiful home looking out at the Grand Canal," she said. "The kids got very familiar with it and they often did their homework in boats, to break up the day."

Date nights away from the kids, Jolie added, are crucial: "You also have to stay focused on each other so that you stay strong. And you staying strong as a couple keeps the kids in an even better place."

The city of canals made for some watery date nights, she admitted. "One night Brad and I went out to dinner and I wanted to get dressed up and wear my heels. By the time we'd finished dinner we had to borrow welly boots because the water had risen so high that you couldn't walk down the street," she explained. "But that's the magic of Venice."

The Oscar-winning star also had fun bonding with her costar Johnny Depp and his family during the shoot. "We got together as families," she told the Daily Mail. "Brad, Vanessa and all the kids; that was lovely. Just family stuff."

What kind of lessons are she and Pitt teaching Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox? "Hopefully I'm giving my children the sense that they are deeply loved and deeply safe," Jolie mused. "At the same time we are hopefully encouraging their individuality as they get to know who they are, and not getting in the way of that. That's why they are six very strong individuals."

Once again, she shoots down concern over daughter Shiloh's tomboy look. "I don't think it's for the world to interpret anything," Jolie says of her 4-year-old. "She likes to dress like a boy and wants her hair cut like a boy and she wanted to be called 'John' for a while...she wants to be like her brothers. It's who she is. It's been a surprise to us and it's really interesting, but she's so much more than that –- she's funny and sweet and pretty. But she does love a tie."

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