Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kat Deluna Plastic Surgery Procedure Before and After Facelift, Tummy Tuck Photos

Anyone who knows of recording artist Kat Deluna, knows that this young starlet is looking for her big break. It would seem that she’s trying to work on her image in order to get that final bump up the ladder and into stardom. Recent photos of Kat Deluna show her with a noticeably smaller stomach, which has clearly been operated on. It would seem that she has gone under the knife and had a liposuction procedure. Why do young girls go under the knife? The answer is fairly straightforward: they want to become more famous.

Kat Deluna had plastic surgery to improve her image. The before & after pictures reveal she had liposuction. Overall, was Kat Deluna‘s cosmetic surgery procedure a good or bad idea?

Immediately after her surgery, both professional and amateur critics of plastic surgery jumped on the bandwagon and began to criticize the work she had done. Some people are even equating her liposuction to the horrible results Tara Reid ended up with, and which left her with a permanently saggy stomach. In a similar fashion, Kat now has the telltale ‘wrinkles’ on her stomach, which show that her tummy tuck wasn’t perfectly executed.

“Looking at this picture of Kat DeLuna would you say she had bad lipo done on her stomach? In this picture of her stomach the skin looks wrinkled.”

Kat Deluna tummy tuck looks kinda lumpy in that image. It might be lumpy from recent liposuction or maybe injection therapy. If she did have lipo treatment and more than a little time had passed, then this might qualify as “bad lipo.” Without knowing more it is difficult to know.

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make Kat Deluna Famous or Infamous?
Liposuction For those of you that don’t know who Kat Deluna plastic surgery, she’s a relative well known name on the music scene that just can’t seem to tip the scales into super stardom.

Of course one thing she’s rumored to have done recently that’s gotten her noticed is liposuction…unfortunately it seems to have left an uneven, lumpy contour not unlike the plastic surgery that famous starlet Tara Reid got done.

Liposuction, when done right, can completely reshape someone’s body and make them into a new, thinner person with few noticeable side effects.

If that procedure is what Kat Deluna did though, it advertises to everyone that sees the midrift just how it got so flat, and it also makes the statement that the procedure went badly.

Additionally, as anyone that followed Tara Reid’s story could tell you, bad plastic surgery like that can be agony to repair, and unsightly to live with.

Even truly talented plastic surgeons can have real trouble repairing a botched liposuction to make the area look natural again.

If the surgery was done a relatively short time ago, then her results may improve with time. The tricky part for those analyzing the results, based on photos alone, is that nobody knows exactly how long ago she had her surgery. Celebrities these days are so ‘hush, hush’ about plastic surgery that it’s difficult to say if an adequate amount of time has passed or not.

When done right, liposuction can transform a person’s body. In the case of Kat Deluna, the transformation might not have been a positive change. What do you think about Kat Deluna's results? Do you think she should continue to show off her midriff with poor, or unhealed results? Check out these Kat Deluna plastic surgery before and after photos to decide for yourself!