Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures and Photos

Kathryn Morris’ plastic surgery rumor is mysterious. Many people imagine that her new appearance is due to some procedures. Her appearance nowadays looks nice and youthful, even though she is a bit plastic. Some people have discussed it and guessed that Kathryn Morris might have had some procedures, including a facelift, botox and some fillers injections.

Many people have noticed the sudden change in Kathryn Morris' face.  The before and after photos imply she had plastic surgery for a facelift and / or Botox.  Notice how the jawline and area around her eyes look different in the after photo.  Also, her lips look much plumper which would imply that she had lip injections as well. Here's Kathryn Morris before and after cosmetic surgery.

After suddenly appearing with a whole new look, many plastic surgery rumors began to spread about actress Kathryn Morris. Most observers believe that her appearance has just changed to much to be due to anything besides cosmetic surgery. While it’s true that she looks much younger than before, she had been left looking a little bit ‘plastic.’ The gossip on the internet and in the media is that Kathryn has been to see a plastic surgeon and had several procedures.

Has Kathryn Morris Had Plastic Surgery?

Are the rumors true? Did Kathryn Morris really get celebrity surgery?

For some time now, speculation has been circulating the showbiz world regarding Kathryn Morris’ sudden face changes that were quite noticeable by hundreds if not thousands of people watching her on TV.

Aside from Kathryn Morris, her co-star in Cold Case, Lauren Holly, was also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. So are these really just rumors? Or is it factual?

Kathryn Morris: The Case For Cosmetic Surgery

Now going back to the real question, did Kathryn Morris undergo plastic surgery?

Although most people quickly identify a celebrity when they’ve just had an operation done to their body or face, especially if it is plastic surgery gone bad, the case of Kathryn Morris’ seemed to have mixed opinions and was a bit hard to tell if she indeed had surgery.

There were no plastic surgery gone wrong photos on the internet or any statements that would solidify a conclusion to the question. However, as most answers on the internet state, Kathryn Morris did not have plastic surgery.

So why are the media and concerned fans still on the hunt for answers?

One major contributing factor that may have led people to believe that the actress did have plastic surgery is that she rapidly lost some pounds, particularly within the face area.

Forums and message boards found in the CBS site for Cold Case were even filled with comments regarding Kathryn Morris’ lips which, according to viewers, seemed to have puffed up or swelled.

Moreover, her lips seemed to be disproportionate to her face and made it awkwardly shaped. In CBS forum editors and facilitators, they defended the case of Morris to just be a new lipstick and have concluded to just leave the case alone.

If you are still hoping to find relevant information regarding this particular issue and other cases like Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan, there is a lot of pertinent information on the internet that can help you figure out these Hollywood issues and put a period onto it once and for all.

Looking at Kathryn’s forehead, it’s obvious that she has used Botox injections. This is clear because of the lack of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the glossy Botox look the injections have given to her skin. While it has made her look more youthful due to the lack of wrinkles, she does look like she’s had plastic surgery done.

To give her face more definition and improve the look of the Botox injections, it appears that Kathryn has also used facial filler injections. Now in her mid-forties, Kathryn clearly is worried about looking her age. If you look at her cheeks and lips, they have become more plump and full with time. This is achieved with cosmetic surgery.

While Kathryn may have reversed the signs of aging, reversing the signs of using too much Botox might be harder to accomplish! Hopefully she knows to quit while she’s ahead.