Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kellie Pickler Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures Facelift, Breast Implants Botox Injections

Kellie Pickler is no stranger to plastic surgery rumor. The former American Idol star has been reported to have more surgery after breast implants, they are including Botox injection, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and possibly cheek implants.

Kellie Pickler was born on June 28, 1986. She became well known as a singer on American Idol. She finished in 6th place on American Idol.

Has Kellie Pickler Had Cosmetic Surgery?
She is very well known for being a country singer. Kellie has released two albums to date.

On one of the albums, she had a song called Best Day of Your Life, which made it to number 9 on the top 40 country songs of the week.

Has Kellie Pickler Had Breast Enlargement?

It is pretty easy to guess if Kellie Pickler has had celeb plastic surgery by looking at celebrity before and after plastic surgery pictures. The before photos show her with almost no breasts at all.

When she was on American Idol, she was almost flat chested. The after pictures show that she has huge breasts.

This would definitely lead people to believe that she has had a breast enlargement at some point. The after photos look somewhat like awful celebrity plastic surgery because her breasts are too big.

She went from having nothing to having too much very quickly.

They quote a plastic surgeon as saying she’s had botox and lip filler while Kellie’s rep denies she’s had “facial sugery”:
Kellie, 22, may have gotten Botox around her eyebrows as well as her lips plumped. “Her expression looks very unnatural and exaggerated,” says Dr. Geldner. “And her lips were very likely plumped with a filler. We see a lot more of her lower lip now.”

Kellie’s rep denies that she’s had work – “She has not had any facial surgery of any kind,” he says – and Kellie tells In Touch that she doesn’t worry about what people say about her: “As long as you’re happy with what you see in the mirror, that’s all that matters.”

Kellie Pickler before and after picture of course will leads pros and cons among fans and haters. Kellie Pickler fans said that she looks prettier after the plastic surgery. But her haters said that Kellie Pickler buy pretty through plastic surgery and look like any other celebrities to be. Kellie Pickler herself admits she has plastic surgery for breast implant, nose job, cheek augmentation and Botox. And along with her before and after plastic surgery controversy, Kellie Pickler remain silent and just laugh about it.

What kinds of Kellie Pickler plastic surgery has done?

Botox Injections and Facial Filler
Kellie Pickler haters said that by compared her before and after photos, its likely this woman is older than her real age. Those then blaming aggressive Botox and filler that may conducted by Kellie Pickler regularly. Kellie Pickler facial skin look so stiff and frozen with immobile and did not move forehead that was combined very lifted and arched forehead. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells  make Me Heal that even Kellie Pickler denies plastic surgery rumor, but her before and after picture said vice versa. This woman may bit over conducted Botox injection especially on the forehead and eyebrow. The doctor also added that Kellie Pickler plastic surgery before and after picture also showing the indications he used Restylane and Juvederm too.

Breast Implants
Kellie Pickler agrees she has conducted plastic surgery for breast implant after shown her before and after picture. Kellie Pickler openly sad that she won’t worry about what people say because she can’t pleased anyone. Kellie Pickler herself said she is really satisfied and happy with her new breast that make her much confidence and happier. By compared Kellie Pickler before and after picture, we can see that there is significant changing in her chest size and shape measurement. People said before plastic surgery, Kellie Pickler actually already has medium size breast that actually fit with her body that quite thin at that time. And from time to time, its likely that Kellie Pickler breast size measurement was changed into C cup or bigger and larger compared than before. Kellie Pickler new breast looks more protruding, rounded, up and larger but its likely that she also gaining some weight so the new breast also suit too in this time.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) and Cheek Augmentation
Kellie Pickler may has conducted nose job and cheek augmentation regarding her before and after plastic surgery picture tells us its indication. People said that Kellie Pickler nose looks shorter with quite chubbier and higher cheek as the indication that nose job and cheek implant is not just a nonsense. Before photos showing that Kellie Pickler has kind of piggy nose with large nasal board and flatten on the bridge. And after the time passed, Kellie Pickler nose jobs getting pinched, smaller, and thinner with very high nasal bridge and cramped nasal board. Her cheek also looks higher and filled compared than before. With subtle jaw line, people believed that Kellie Pickler may has cheek augmentation too. By observing at Kellie Picker before and after plastic surgery picture, Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston agrees about this speculation. He said that Kellie Picker looks shorter with very plumped cheek that may from the Rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation result.

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