Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Lips Before and After Botox Injections, Breast Implants Pictures

Has Kat Von D Had Plastic Surgery?

The biggest rumors flying about Kat Von D and her plastic surgery celebrity status seem to be floating around the changing appearance of her nose and eyebrows. Commentary like that seen at The Fab Life asks whether or not Kat Von D, who’s still in her 20s, has really made the decision to have her brows lifted and her nose sculpted.

The general consensus seems to be that, if she did have these procedures done, they were completely unnecessary given the already attractive look she was boasting that hardly needed a surgeon’s scalpel for improvement.

Kat Von D, 31, is speculated to have had a nose job, botox injections, breast implants, chin implants and lip injections.

The plastic surgery rumors go back to 2010 when Von D was in her 20s…

Many celebrity watchers and fans point out Kat Von D's changing appearance of her nose and eyebrows, asking why she made the decision to have her brows lifted and her nose sculpted.

Judging by the before and after photos, Kat's eyebrows are pulled up near the corners of her eyes and now there is clearly more space between them. Her brow is also much tighter and her look is "surprised" that comes with excessive brow (and sometimes eye) work. Her face looks smoother than before, but it's a bit frozen too. As for her forehead, it appears immobile, toned and smooth, all these are indications of regular botox injections.
Kat Von D used to have a bit piggy nose with a wide nasal bridge that looked too big for her face. The bridge of her nose looks slimmer and the tip is also refined and overdone, making her nose appear more pinched, slimmer but too small in proportion to the rest of her face, a sign of a nose job (with some insisting she had at least two nose jobs!).

People have compared her photos and made a conclusion that her changes regarding physical beauty are not natural. Her nose was a bit wider in previous pictures but nowadays, she has a pinched and thinner nose. Her eyebrows show the signs of lifting. Media reporters and her audience  claimed that she has been given Rhinoplasty treatment. Moreover, her eyebrows are lifted due to plastic surgery. In addition to these changes, her breast size is increased and with well shaped now. There are no clear proofs of Kat Von D plastic surgery rumors but we can make our judgement with the help of her pictures.

Though, we are not confirmed about Kat Von D plastic surgery because she  has not admitted the truth behind these rumors. Kat Von D is a young actress and some changes in her figure and facial looks can be the result of her age. However nose and eyebrows can not be modified with the growing age. However, people are sure regarding Kat Von D plastic surgery due to her photos. She has distinguished features in her present pictures and her looks are natural. In case, she has undergone for plastic surgery then it has given good results. She has no artificial looks and her face is attractive and charming. Many surgeons have claimed that Kat Von D may have undergone Rhinoplasty.

There are many other reasons for her stunning and changed looks. First and foremost reason can be her use of makeup. She is the young actress and she knows how to make herself eye-catching. Sometimes the perfect use of makeup can change the shape of the nose. However, she has taken some treatment to give specific shape to her eyebrows. It is common that lighting, camera’s view angle and change in makeup can make a great difference in appearance. It can be said that the change in her pictures is the direct result of several factors.

Kat Von D Breast Enlargement Consultation

On the other hand, this is all speculation at the moment although we do know she has had at least one consultation.  The surgeon agrees she would be a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery.

Kat Von D hasn’t confirmed any rumors as being true, so all we’re left with are people comparing before and after shots of the tattooed temptress and scouring the images for signs of bad celebrity plastic surgery.

However, unless you have some experience with plastic surgery procedures yourself, or you really know what to look for and you can trust the photographs not to lie to you, speculation is all we’ve really got at the moment.