Monday, February 17, 2014

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Pictures

Reasons Behind  Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery
Kathy Griffin is a well known comedian. She is almost 53 years old and has disclosed her attempts regarding plastic surgery. She is a mature actress who has remarkably changed her face. Kathy Griffin plastic surgery has dominated her figure among other actresses of her age. She has reduced her weight and her figure is perfectly modified. She has admitted her Rhinoplasty and liposuction. Kathy Griffin plastic surgery said in an interview about reconstruction as her nose and liposuction for her lips. She has lifted her brows by plastic surgery and her skin is fresh due to chemical peeling. Kathy Griffin is a straight forward actress who doesn’t feel shame in admitting her treatments.

What Did Kathy Griffin Have Done, And Why?

When it comes to what plastic surgeries Kathy Griffin has had done, it’s a pretty inclusive list.

Not as inclusive as Jocelyn Wildenstein’s exagerrated alterations or Heidi Montag’s 10 surgeries she had done in one operation, but it’s still fairly long.

According to Kathy Griffin she’s had her nose restructured with a rhinoplasty, she’s had several liposuction procedures (the first from an inexperienced doctor, and later procedures from specialists), a brow lift, chemical skin peels, cosmetic dental implants and she’s even had her hair straightened.

Now if that sounds like a lot of work, especially for someone that mostly plays the small screen, that’s because it is. But that didn’t stop her from getting it done.

And why did she do it?

Well in Kathy Griffin’s own words, “that’s the tragedy about female comedians. We still want to be pretty and girls.” Griffin went on to say that, while she did want to change the way she looked, it was also a necessity for her career and the field she worked in.

Stars that aren’t nipped and tucked, she said, tend to get cast as great grandmothers next to a younger, brighter cast with all of their plastic surgery points in order.

Kathy Griffin is a bold actress who has disclosed the causes of her change in appearance. Furthermore, she has given a list of treatments  that has made her attractive and young.  She has taken hair treatment, facial treatment, breast augmentation, chemical peeling,  face lifting and liposuction.

Whether you think she’s one of the worst plastic surgery celebrities ever, or you think that she’s just trying to get attention, Kathy Griffin has aged very well with the aid of her cosmetic surgery choices.

Nearly into her 40s she’s managed to maintain that indeterminate age that’s mature without looking older which is common to middle aged celebrities that have had a little bit of surgical assistance in fighting off the sands of time a little bit longer.

Of course according to Griffin, plastic surgery isn’t all sunshine and roses. The procedures can be frightening, and for many of them you have to stay awake, which can be disconcerting all in its own right.

The recuperation period can also be draining as well as painful as your body tries to adjust to what it went through and you have to learn to deal with the results of your plastic surgery.

While she says that she’d do it all again (though she might skip the inexpert first doctors if she had the choice to do so), Kathy Griffin is far from a plastic surgery role model; except, that is, for the fact that she doesn’t play coy about what she’s done.

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Comedian Kathy Griffin isn’t a good role model when it comes to plastic surgery, except perhaps in her openness on the subject.

From her own experience, she says plastic surgery is painful, yet necessary in her line of work. It’s sometimes successful, sometimes a flop, and sometimes life-threatening, she says.

Most recently, when Redbook magazine asked her for its July 1 issue, “How do you deal with missteps on the way to fame?” she answered:

Admit what you’ve done. Did I have plastic surgery five years ago? Yes, obviously! Just be honest.

But that honesty is of limited use as a guide to others, since it reflects Griffin’s confusion and inconsistency.

Currently starring in the Emmy-winning “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” on the Bravo network, she suffered serious side effects from liposuction in 1999.

At the time, she spoke against plastic surgery but reversed course four years later and signed up for a raft of cosmetic operations, including a nose job, brow lift, Botox injections, dental veneers, chemical hair straightening, a chemical peel – and more liposuction!

There are various reasons behind Kathy Griffin plastic surgery attempts. She has spoken the truth and revealed her eager to be young and sexy. She did not like to change her appearance in growing age. She had a wish to vanish in her wrinkles and loose skin, therefore she had decided to undergo for a plastic surgery.

Kathy Griffin is a famous American comedian who has past the early period of her life. She has crossed her early 50s. She is an experienced actress who knows the perfect for grabbing the attention of viewers. She is a talented lady who can impress her fans by her mind blowing acting. Due to her old age, She was afraid of her career. In order to be in the good looks of her fans, she decided to get the experience of plastic surgery. The overwhelming point of her personality is her bold confession of change appearance. She does not only give details of her medical treatment but also has given the valid reason for it. Unlike other actresses, she has not hidden her wrinkled face and loose skin. Kathy Griffin plastic surgery is exclusively done to make her pretty, sexy and attractive. Kathy Griffin admires the beauty of Jennifer Aniston and her eye-catching looks forced her to take the risk of liposuction. However, the result of Kathy Griffin plastic surgery was alarming and she was admitted to the intensive care unit. She swore by herself not to take the risk of liposuction again.