Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Photos

Check Jocelyn Wildenstein, known as “cat women”, more popular as the world’s scariest celebrity. Jocelyn Wildenstein married to Alec Wildenstein, a billionare art dealer Alec Wildenstein  in the late 70s but they divoiced after her husband was found sleeping with a 19-year-old Russian model. Now Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery, the famous cat woman is a wealthy socialite.

Cat Woman plastic surgery is super high. In fact, she has spent  more than 4 million dollars on her plastic surgery and she said her plastic surgery gave her much confidence!

Let’s check about Jocelyn Wildenstein (cat women) plastic surgery before and after photos, to look deep into these 4 million dollars plastic surgery!

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman Plastic Surgery – lip injection
Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman has done lip injections to make it more thicker and sexier. The below (left) photo was before plastic surgery. Now you can know the reasons why she can marry to a billionare, then when you see her after plastic surgery photo, you will see the reason why they divoiced.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman Plastic Surgery – lip injection. I just wonder if Jocelyn Wildenstein (Cat Woman) got inspirations from Julie’s sexy lip.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman Plastic Surgery – eye surgery, cheek, and chin surgery, face lift. You name it!

It’s certain that Jocelyn very satisfied with her plastic surgery.
Glowing lips and cat eyes…

Eyes small? Now check this one, cat women proved her eye can be wide open and still without wrinkles!

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman’s plastic surgery
not only gave her confidence… they are going to kiss!

Jocelyn Wildenstein
(aka Cat Woman) is without a doubt one of the most famous plastic surgery celebrities.  Unfortunately, it notoriety entirely for the wrong reasons and in Jocelyn’s case, it’s very much about plastic surgery gone wrong.

The story started back in the 1970s when she decided the best way to hang on to her husband at the time was to ‘improve’ her looks.

Admittedly, cosmetic surgery has come a long way since then but the results of Jocelyn’s successive surgeries have been so horrendous she has been tarnished with the label Bride of Jocelyn Wildenstein.  Other’s simply call her Cat Woman.

The sad irony of the story is that in the end, Jocelyn Wildenstein divorced her husband after finding him in bed with a young Russian lover.

Here’s a montage courtesy of showing just how much Jocelyn’s face has changed over the years.

Jocelyn Wildenstein - the victim of Plastic Surgery.
Jocelyn is known primarily for spending more than $ 4,000,000 for the services of plastic surgeons. And a beauty turned into a beast...

Some of her pictures you have seen already, but I decided to post all her photos so you can see how she changed over time.
Also, her fresh photos of 2009 are waiting for you inside the post.

What They Are Saying…

There’s little no doubt that Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery is some of the most extreme ever seen.

Some frequently mention Jocelyn, also known as ‘Cat Woman’ or the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’, in discussions about plastic surgery gone wrong.

Her before and after pictures are testimony to the problems that can arise when cosmetic surgery becomes an obsession.

Is This The Scariest Picture EVER of the “Bride of Wildenstein”?

If proof were needed that money can’t buy everything, look no further.

Rich divorcee Jocelyn Wildenstein spent a rumoured £2million on cosmetic surgery to keep her husband, but succeeded only in ruining the good looks she was born with.

    Clearly her strange looks have not completely scared off all male attention, as the scary-looking 62-year-old was out with a male companion enjoying an intimate dinner on last night…. 
    Jocelyn Wildenstein is a wealthy socialite and ex-wife of billionaire art-dealer heir Alec Wildenstein.

    She has reportedly spent over $4 million on plastic surgery in an attempt to look more like the exotic wild cats she admires