Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections Pictures

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  is an example of freaking and horrible looks. In recent years, thousand of suspicions have been raised due to changed looks of Nikki Cox.  Many specialists have called her surgery as a stone cold fact at the back of her ugly appearance. Nikki Cox is an American famous actress, who has crossed her early 30s. She has worked in various TV shows. There are rumors regarding her artificial looks. We do not have proofs for her surgical attempts but the only evidence  that can show her changed appearance is her pictures.
Nikki Cox seems to have lost her once fledgling career to bad plastic surgery. The American actress is best known for her television series like Nikki, Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas. Nicole Avery ‘Nikki’ Cox began her promising career at the age of four when she appeared in several ballet productions and TV shows.

It is common that celebrities like to undergo plastic surgeries and modify their appearance. Hence, Nikki Cox plastic surgery has produced drastic effects on her appearance. It is definitely due to the excessive use of surgical treatments.  Her changed features are so significant that an untrained eye can easily spot out the differences.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  has not only changed her lips shape but also effected on her face. Her upper lips are extremely wider in appearance it doesn’t suit her personality. Her breast are not only bigger in size but also looked as if something has pushed them up. It is due to the use of large size silicon pads. However, it might be true that some of the changes will be the outcome of her weight reductions, lifestyle and diet. Nikki Cox has not accepted the wild spread rumors. She has straightforwardly denied the use of Botox injections and fillers. Nobody  can believe in her given statements because her lips are telling the truth. If we look at her present pictures then the first thing that can astonish  a person is her fuller and wider size of lips. It is clearly proved by many surgeons that she has used fillers in her lips. Plastic surgery is a procedure to enhance the beauty and to conceal the defects regarding face and figure. It has been noticed that such treatments should be used cautiously, otherwise the outcomes will be horrible or unnatural.

Her main attractions were her flawless smile and cute lips. Well, as they say, all this happened well before she went under the surgeon’s knife in the hope of improving her looks and physical features.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery is a very good specimen of how bad plastic surgery can ruin your high flying showbiz career and bring it to an abrupt halt all of a sudden. It is never good to dabble with your natural beauty, which is God’s gift and make modifications to it unless it is absolutely necessary and recommended by experts.

Nikki Cox breast implants:

The very first instance where Nikki Cox displayed her affection for plastic surgery was when she underwent one at the start of her career to get breast implants. The implants had a positive effect on her and nobody termed it as a Nikki Cox plastic surgery disaster as it suited her body well. She even started to get meaty movie roles after getting her implants done.

Somewhere around the year 2005, Cox went a step ahead and tried experimenting with Botox and other forms of artificial beautification methods such as facial fillers. Her experiments did not catch public’s attention until 2008 when something really horrible happened to her.

In that year, Nikki Cos underwent a lip augmentation surgery which filled her lips with an implant or some kind of filler and this brought about a drastic change in her looks. Her lips transformed from looking gorgeous to something that made her look like horrendous due to her overstuffed and strikingly large lips.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery disaster

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery soon became the headlines and the movie roles that were being offered to her slowly started to decline and it reached an extent where she no longer was the preferred choice for any of the producers in Hollywood. Hence, she had to accept voice over roles for animation movies in order to earn her living.

In her quest to reverse the changes that she did to her lips, Nikki Cox went under the knife several times more and this caused permanent and irreversible damage to her facial expressions.

Nikki Cox then and now!

Plastic surgeons cite that Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery fiasco could have been avoided if she had sought out expert advice instead of relying on the dumb advice provided by some relatively unknown plastic surgeon who has set up shop in Los Angeles.

Despite the clear visible changes to her face and body, Nikki Cox has repeatedly denied the allegations that the reason for her ruined career was her addiction to plastic surgery and the reckless use of Botox injections. All upcoming and established celebrities should take a leaf out of Cox’s book and refrain from abusing plastic surgery so as to gain a shortcut for showbiz success.