Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Photos

The Drastic Changes In Nicole Kidman Due To Plastic  Surgery

In recent years, it has become a trend that celebrities must look perfect in shape and appearance. In a battle to defeat others, each and every celebrity  try best to give everlasting, the most perfect and faultless appearance. Nicole Kidman is included in the list of celebrities who have undergone the surgeon’s knife several times  in their life to sustain their beauty. The small size of breast, loose skin, wrinkled face, wider nose uneven forehead and shapeless buttocks are the features that look disgusting in the appearance. Nicole Kidman plastic surgery attempts are the result of her eagerness to look younger and attractive.
With fame comes intense scrutiny, so it's understandable that many celebrities choose to go under the knife for a little tweak or two.

No one likes getting older and stars especially worry about staying youthful looking and in demand, but it seems that even young celebrities in their twenties are opting for plastic surgery.

Unfortunately the results of these fillers and procedures aren't always as natural-looking as they might like, and stars such as Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery) and Megan Fox (Megan Fox plastic surgery spent $60.000) now appear much older than their tender years.

Not all celeb plastic surgery is bad, although from the looks of things it can easily be taken too far – Nicole Kidman is just one example of the perils of overusing botox!

The rumors related to Nicole Kidman plastic surgery have captured the attention of the public. People have observed visible changes in her figure as well as facial expressions. It has been thought that she has taken the treatment regarding her breast, lips, neck, cheeks, buttock and eyebrows etc. though the actress Nicole Kidman had not approved her plastic surgeries but we can get our point by comparing her bundle of pictures. With the help of her pictures, it is clear that some specific changes cannot happen through a natural procedure. These can be obtained only with Botox injections, fillers, breast augmentation and face uplift. Within a month, she has gained the well shaped and well sized breast. Her cup size has been increased from A to C. It cannot be a natural process, definitely she has undergone for augmentation with silicon pads.

Unfortunately, the outcome of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery is horrible. She has lost her pretty looks. Due to excessive use of injection, her lips look overhanging and swollen in shape. The drastic changes in her facial expressions have made her weird and freaky for the audience. It is ridiculous that she has not admitted the truth regarding her surgeries. She has continually denied the media reports and proofs. However, the public can easily realize that skin cannot get altered naturally. She is a public figure and has a long list of her fans. They still like her appearance as she has not become the true victim of bad plastic surgery like Joan Van Ark (Joan Van Ark plastic surgery gone wrong).
It is concluded that reports regarding Nicole Kidman plastic surgery are somehow true. There are some factors like health, aging, stress, and lifestyle that can put their impact on the figure and facial skin but these effects are always slow in the process. Moreover, nature cannot change the shape of lips. The breast can increase in size with age and delivery procedure but the tightness and sudden enlargement are only possible by breast augmentation.