Sunday, April 27, 2014

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Nose Job Photos

Preity Zinta plastic surgery is done for making her appearance look perfect. As you know that Preity Zinta is a Bollywood actress who has a beautiful face. But make some changes to her face. You have to know that doing the plastic surgery may be something good for getting the best performance. But, we have to remember that there are some bad effects of that surgery. There is some description about the plastic surgery which is done by Preity Zinta.
Preity Zinta plastic surgery rumor has been a hot topic in Indian times. Bollywood actress who was born on January 31st 1975 recently reported to hide away from reporter who want to take her pictures when she arrives in the airport after her new film photo session “Ishq in Paris”.

Related to her unprofessional action,  Indian times speculate that she tries to stay away from reporter to hide the change in her recent appearance. What’s wrong with her face? Many rumors said that Preity Zinta seems has had some plastic surgery procedures, her face looks fresher and more beautiful. It seems impossible for someone to look younger in no longer young age, except plastic surgery help, right?

Although she has not clarified about surgery rumor, one of Indian time “One India” show us the prove that she has had plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, brow lift & Rhytidoplasty.

As everybody can see the before and after plastic surgery above, it can be seen that her nose looks thinner, her eyebrows seem higher and her skin seems softer & smoother, almost there is no wrinkles sign at her age 47 year-old.

Related to the rumor, Preity Zinta seems unwilling to give a comment in the public whether she has or has not had any kind of plastic surgery procedures. I hope she will clarify the rumor as soon as possible to the public about the change in her recent appearance.

How Truthful Are The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Accusations?

Preity Zinta plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is one of the most famous Indian actresses and arguably one of the most beautiful Indian actresses. During her illustrious film career so far she has starred in many Hindi movies that have turned out to be successful like The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and Kal Ho Naa Ho among other great Hindi movies. Just like other celebrities in Hollywood, there have emerged allegations of Plastic Surgery all over the internet and some magazines.

There have been rumors of Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery recently and most people are engaged in debates over which cosmetic procedure/surgery she used on herself. The rumor mongers and mills have even gone a step further and stated some of the possible surgery procedures she may have used. The list so created includes claims of a facelift, botox injections, liposuction and a possibility of breast implants.

There are websites and magazines that have gone a step further and made a comparison of her looks by using her before and after photos. The sites use these pictures to prove their claims and have gone as far as highlighting the most noticeable plastic surgery key points on her face and body. They are speculations that the famous actress went for a nose job and a nice boob job as her before the procedure pictures portray a different image from how she looks presently.

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before and After photos

A deeper analysis of the new look Preity Zinta reveals that her eyes have been widened to give her a more western look. In the past, the actress’ face was more round but recently this shape has been altered to more of an oval shape. Her facial features have also become more defined thanks to the cheek implants that she must have gotten. Her lips have also been altered thereby rising a speculation that she must have gotten herself some new lip implants.

The Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery rumors are not new to any celebrity name as there are a lot of media speculations anytime a change is noted on any part of their bodies. Preity on her part has not responded in any way to these rumors concerning her sudden changed appearance. There are chances that the new facial shape could have occurred naturally as some baby fat is lost when people grow up. This would occasion a change in the facial structure but the way her eyes have changed to become wider could be used as evidence that indeed she underwent some form of surgery to change them.

After all factors are considered, there is a strong possibility that some parts of these rumors about Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery could be indeed true. However, this cannot be taken as the correct position until the time maybe when the actress herself would confirm or deny the claims. Owing to her stunning new look, it would be safe for one to assume that the plastic surgeries she probably underwent were successful as they have helped increase her beauty. The procedure as fundamentally altered the looks of the actress.