Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Has Patricia Heaton had Plastic Surgery Done Before and After Pictures

Patricia Heaton Breast Reduction

We know many celebrities who are rushing to increase their breast size by implants. But in this story Patricia wanted the opposite result. Yes, you heard me right. A celebrity really wanted to decrease the breast volume and size. Breast reduction is not much common among celebrities.

The decision was good. Result was awesome and she looks incredible with the new breast size. At least she has a common sense that to have medium and natural size of breast. I really liked that clever decision. Patricia Heaton has four sons and had to breast feed them. It is not possible to breast feed after a breast reduction surgery. I think may be because of that reason, it became little shaggy and out of shape.

Patricia was not at all comfortable with the shaggy breasts. So the only way to make it in shape is breast reduction. It was a successful plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons commented that there would remain some scars. But we can’t confirm. Whatever it looks good and suits her well. It seems that she is happy and confident with new pair of bosoms.

Patricia Heaton plastic surgery  have been doing rounds on online forums, blogs, magazines, tabloids, and gossip columns. With very few exceptions, everyone hails her plastic surgery work as tastefully done.

She is one of the very few celebrities who freely admit to having had a few nips and tucks to maintain her youthful looks. On Back To You, she freely admitted to having had a few procedures done to shed off the extra weight gained from four pregnancies and to take care of the resultant stretch marks.

The beautiful star actress confessed to having undergone a breast reduction procedure in order to boost up her breasts which were hanging down unpleasantly after breastfeeding.

This was accompanied by some liposuction to take care of the accumulated fat around the waist. A tummy tuck took care of the stretch marks and the surgical scar that can now easily be hidden out of sight even when wearing a bikini.

Patricia Heaton Facial Reconstruction

To add to her youthful look, it is suspected that Patricia has also had some facial work done. Some possible procedures include having lip injections to attain a fuller mouth. She may also have had some facial fillers which have given her face the smooth flawless look.

She may have had some botox treatments which have done a good job of reducing the creases around her mouth, cheek, forehead, and eyes.

Patricia Heaton Tummy Tuck

The 55-year-old American actress has done tummy tuck also. Fortunately it was also a successful one. It is not used to literally remove fat from body. It is done to get rid of excess skin which are formed after weight loss or pregnancy.

After the delivery of four child, the shape of her tummy area has probably lost. There is a chance of forming excess skin layers. Well, that’s kind of ugly and might make you feel uncomfortable. Tummy tuck is the best way to remove those unwanted skin. It is common and will give good results.

She had already reduced the breast size. So to make them suit with the body, she chose Tummy Tuck to make it perfect. If you check the old and recent pictures of Patricia Heaton, you can see the changes in her stomach area. It slimmed a bit. It is done by tummy tuck and she publicly admitted about the surgery procedures. Most of celebrities are not ready to accept plastic surgery rumors. But good woman Patricia accepts and revealed about the steps she had undergone.