Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Images Before and After Facelift, Necklift and Botox Injections

Has Queen Noor Had Plastic Surgery?

If Queen Noor has gone under the knife, then she is surely the first real Queen to have done so.

Before becoming Queen Noor of Jordan, Lisa Najeeb Halaby was born in Washington, D.C. to an Arab-American family on August 23, 1951.

She was the oldest of three children and went on to receive a BA in Urban Planning and Architecture from Princeton University in 1973.

After graduating, her interest in the Middle East increased while working for Royal Jordanian Airlines. During a social event focused on the development of the Queen Alia Airport, she met and befriended King Hussein of Jordan.

In 1978, the couple got engaged and married. She renounced her American citizenship, acquired Jordanian citizenship, converted to Islam and was renamed Noor Al-Hussein by her husband.

Even though Queen Noor is known for her work that’s focused on conservation, sustainable development, cross-cultural understanding and human rights, it’s hard to overlook the drastic change in her appearance, which suggests that she could have had more than the odd plastic surgery procedure.

Not only has her appearance altered , it also has affected the people’s perception of their Queen.

Queen Noor of Jordan is long maters for the plastic surgery gossip and people wonder whether it just rumor or fact? But looking at Queen Noor of Jordan facial appearance some people believed it probably the rumor was true. In facts the Queen Noor of Jordan may conduct some plastic surgery procedures to keep youthful and attractive. Media journalist spotted sometime the Queen Noor of Jordan has a facial expression from the plastic surgery sign. That’s why the Queen Noor of Jordan itself was accused has plastic surgery done and its kind of real fact. 61 years old Queen Noor of Jordan rumored has Botox injection and Necklift done. Jordanian media even reported that Queen Noor of Jordan plastic surgery gone wrong regardless her face that bit horrible and awful. But it’s likely that Queen Noor of Jordan status as the widow of the late  King Hussein of Jordan being a burden for her. This condition demands her to always look attractive, regal and elegance in front of her people. It may be a reason for the Queen Noor of Jordan to undergoing plastic surgery. If this rumor was a fact then Queen Noor of Jordan becoming first real life Queen who undergone plastic surgery in the history.

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Many people may think Queen Noor looks great for a woman in her retiring years.

However, when looking at her face, you instantly see that it’s expressionless. There are no wrinkles or lines to be spotted. Her face doesn’t move, regardless of the emotions she’s trying to convey.

This raises the suspicion that she’s no stranger to frequent Botox injections.

Similar to other celeb plastic surgery, such as Janice Dickinson’s plastic surgery and Melanie Griffith, it appears that Queen Noor could have fallen victim to the possibility of bad plastic surgery and excessive cosmetic work.

Speculations rise when comparing plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures of Queen Noor.

Photos of the queen taken in 2000, show a round tired-looking face, with excess skin around the neckline. They also show many wrinkles and lines around her eyes and mouth.

Fast-forward to 2004, when photos show a different-looking, more polished woman. Her nose is believed to have been altered, her neck looks more defined, and her lips and cheekbones also appear more prominent.

Additionally, her glowing skin may be due to various laser or chemical treatments, which eliminate age spots, blemishes and creeping moles.

The facial lines she displayed years earlier have mysteriously disappeared.

Queen Noor Botox Injection
Queen Noor of Jordan actually blessed good genes from an Arab American parents that even make King Hussein of Jordan head over heels for her. But she is getting older now and even good genes couldn’t help much. Recently the Queen was spotted has bit weird facial appearance that probably from the plastic surgery or at least Botox injection done. Unfortunately Queen Noor of Jordan probably overdo Botox injection that gave her bit terrible facial appearance. Sometimes she was spotted having expressionless, frozen and stiffer facial skin that was probably from overdo Botox injection. And even worse Queen Noor of Jordan ever spotted with too oily facial skin that gave melted impression at her beautiful face. From that people than stated that probably Queen Noor of Jordan plastic surgery rumor of Botox id fact and she seems a bit overdo it.

Queen Noor Necklift

It’s common for women when they are getting older the fat reserve that was placed under their chin becoming saggy. It will create what you call as the Turkey neck as the sign someone has gotten older. It’s likely that Queen Noor of Jordan more aware with this condition then she decide to have Necklift done to abolish that turkey neck from above her chin. The Necklift indication was looking from Queen Noor of Jordan neck that looks so smooth but too tight and stiff. Necklift seems  to help her to disguise turkey neck that appeared in that area.

Queen Noor of Jordan may be a bit bothered by her status as the Royal family of Jordan.  The demand to  look impressing in front of her people maybe force her to undergo plastic surgery. But it’s not too good for the Queen Noor of Jordan to force herself by overdo plastic surgery that seems gone wrong.