Monday, April 14, 2014

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Lips, Breast Implants Rumors Before and After Pictures

Rumors did Naya Rivera have plastic surgery?

As Naya Rivera plastic surgery has become rampant in Hollywood regardless of age, Naya Rivera became one of the young stars to be rumored to have undergone a cosmetic procedure. Before and after photos show the apparent disparity in her cup size. Experts like Dr. Archangel Salzhaue told Maine Heal that the Glee star may have possibly done something to enhance her appearance.

The doctor explained, “Naya Rivera clearly has had a breast augmentation as unconcealed by her terribly full cleavage, and has had a face lift yet unconcealed by her excellent profile and outlined nasal tip.” Other professionals also shared their expert opinion that the actress has had facial fillers and lip injections to polish her entire look.

People are also considering the fact that her body has just reached its full maturity since she is still young. There are also other factors to consider that may have caused her body to experience change such as weight gain, make-up, lighting and other red carpet tricks, as well as the garments being worn. The actress has remained silent over the truthfulness of the reports.

Naya Rivera Breast Implants

According to reports, Rivera’s first surgery was the breast augmentation surgery. She also seems to have undergone nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty in Medical terms. Proof of her undergoing rhinoplasty can be noticed due to her well-defined nasal tip.

Although, the types of surgeries that Rivera has gone through were just mere rumors, the rumors were confirmed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon based in Miami. Dr Salzhauer also added that Naya had also been injected with dermal fillers in order to enhance her cheeks. Evidence of this can be seen in her before and after photos where she appears to have obviously injected herself.

Naya Rivera’s Busty New Instagram Pic — Did She Get A Boob Job?

Wow! Naya has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, there is no denying that, but did she recently get an enhancement? Fans were suspicious of a breast augmentation after she posted a busty bikini pic on her Instagram on March 18. We spoke to multiple plastic surgeons — see what they said below.

According to four plastic surgeons, they all agree that it appears like Glee star Naya Rivera, 27, had breast implants, increasing her previous B cup to a D cup. See what they had to say about the surgery — the down time, cost and the different types below.

Naya Rivera: Boob Job? — Expert Plastic Surgeons Speak On Her New Body

In my opinion, without seeing the patient in person, it does appear that she has had larger breast implants put in.

As far as choosing how big to go, Dr. Weintraub says: “One must be careful to look natural, and in proportion. If a statuesque woman is totally flat-chested and wants to have large breasts, one could go from an A to a D, but I would not advise doing anything that ruins the natural proportion of a woman’s body and begins to look fake.

I always prefer to use the transaxillary, sub-pectoral approach, meaning that I insert the implant through a tiny incision in the armpit and position the implant under the muscle. This technique leaves no visible scars anywhere near the breast, and it does not interfere with future breast feeding. In addition, the recovery is very quick:  if a woman has the procedure on a Friday, she can be back to work by Monday, so long as her job does not entail great physical exertion.

There are two types of implants, Dr. Weintraub explains: “There are saline and silicone implants. Silicone behaves more naturally, and comes in different styles to suit the individual patient.”

More Experts Suspect A Boob Job

Dr. William Bruno, Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, agrees that she has had work done and tells

In the most recent photo, her volume appears larger. The roundness of the cleavage as well also suggests a breast augmentation.

Most patients can increase their bra size by one to two cup sizes, depending on the elasticity of their skin.

The cost of implants vary between doctors and areas of the country, but our experts say that saline implants cost between $4,500 to $6,000 and silicone ranges from $6,500 to $10,000.”

Most patients choose silicone due to it’s more natural feel. You must be 22 years old to be eligible for silicone in the United States.

Naya May Have Increased 2 Cup Sizes — Expert

NYC-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman tells us EXCLUSIVELY that the defined cleavage and roundness of her breasts suggest implants.

Early photos of Naya show breasts that are likely a very small B. Subsequent photos appear to show that she has had breast augmentation. The well defined cleavage and roundness is suggestive of breast implants. She appears to have increased to a small C in 2013 and may have even had them enlarged again to a very large C or small D cup.

Dr. Schulman says the procedure takes about 90 minutes to perform. Downtime is only 2 days but he recommends waiting about 3 weeks before any vigorous exercise.
Are There Risks Associated With Breast Implants?

David Cangello, M.D., Director Of Plastic Surgery at JUVA Skin, Laser and Plastic Surgery Center also weighs in on the risks and rewards of a breast augmentation:

“Looking at those 2 photos, it certainly does appear that she has had breast implants. Her breasts are much larger in the “After” picture and she has that roundness to the middle aspect of her breasts that is characteristic of the shape of breast implants.

It is difficult to say whether they look natural because they are being pushed up somewhat by her bathing suit top. Assessment of whether breast implants look natural is best done when the patient is not wearing garments.

The risks in going “too big” are related to how much the breast tissue is stretched by having a large implant placed underneath it. The most common problem associated with having implants that are too large is that overtime the breast skin stretches because of the weight of the implant and ultimately a secondary procedure (breast lift) is needed.”