Sunday, December 8, 2013

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Botox, Browlift, Liposuction Before and After

Demi Moore is an American actress who is in rumors nowadays, due to 120 thousand dollar plastic surgery. She has spent 330 thousand dollars on her fitness and diet. She has taken the training of yoga and kick boxing. Demi Moore plastic surgery has changed her appearance and now she has increased and well shaped boobs. It is being discussed by media anchors that she has taken liposuction to outer and inner hips, stomach, lips and brow lift. There is a visible sign of Botox injections as well as chemical peeling. It has been noticed that her nose shape has become more pinched and narrower.

Rumor has it that Demi Moore has conducted plastic surgery due her ex husband Ashton Kutcher is much younger than her. People say that when Kutcher still her husband, she is feeling insecure because he always surrounded with the younger female actress or fans. That’s why Demi Moore then conducted plastic surgery to keep her young husband close to her. But it’s likely that her expectation was wrong, Ashton Kutcher revealed cheating on her and filled to divorce Kutcher in last 2012. It’s likely that Demi Moore has revenge so she was reported back to plastic surgery again to stay ageless compared than before. Demi Moore spent a lot of money for multiple plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation, liposuction, Browlift and Botox injection. With much money Demi Moore has spent for plastic surgery, this woman looks younger than her age and probably ready for the new love one.

Demi Moore plastic surgery has modified her appearances but she is not crazy to change her looks. She has not undergone for excessive plastic surgery treatments that’s why her face looks natural and gorgeous. She has vanished her wrinkles and we cannot find clear evidences of aging on her beautiful face. There is no droopiness on her jaws. Her neck skin is tight and taut. It is clear that her eye-catching beauty is caused by Botox injections, brow lift, laser and chemical treatment. She is a wealthy lady and has spent 19,000 dollars for breast implantation.

The formerly rounded tip of her nose has become smaller and more pointed, and the entire nose is now narrower than before. This gives her face more definition, and her nose a more sculpted appearance.

Her smooth forehead and lack of wrinkles and fine lines, at her age, is a dead giveaway that she’s using Botox injections.

Her face has definitely changed form over the years, including areas like her cheeks. It would seem she is injecting fillers like Juvederm and Restylane into her face to achieve this effect.

As people get older the skin naturally forms spots and dark areas, which can be seen in her ‘before’ area. Unless these age spots just disappeared, it is likely she’s been refreshing her skin from time to time with chemical peels.

From just 15 years ago, her teeth have improved dramatically. It appears that she has had some cosmetic dentistry work done to correct her formerly unattractive smile.

For a woman in her fifties, Demi’s chest is perky and well shaped. This is generally an indication that an older woman has had breast augmentation surgery in the form of implants, and/or a chest lift. Her big bust makes her more attractive, while also making her look younger.

Instead of having liposuction around the middle like many aging celebrities, she is rumored to have had liposuction on her knees. Her former knees were fatty with sagging skin. Today, her legs are tight and fit looking.

What kinds of plastic surgery she had?

Browlift and Botox Injections:
Looks how arched Demi Moore eyebrow, it can be concluded that she has spent another money to perform this Browlift procedure. It was reported that to make her eyebrow bit lifted and elevated so Demi Moore looks younger and fresh, she has spent $7.200 to put herself under the knife for the Browlift procedure. I think the result is worth for it regarding the eyebrow that looks smooth and clear with arched condition that make Demi Moore looks ageless. Recently it was reported that to enhance those procedures she may have regular Botox injection too.

It’s likely that Demi Moore  tempted to conduct regular Botox injection that was combined with a chemical peel procedure. Her facial skin that toned and smooth even though bit frozen and stiff probably from the Botox procedure done. Demi Moore forehead also looks very smooth and toned with subtle and transparent crows feet or nasolabial folds from the Botox procedure help. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif said that it’s likely Demi Moore has much benefit from facial work done. It’s unclear whether facelift or Botox, but looking that its still aging naturally, probably Botox the most possible one here. Recently Demi Moore also accused spent $20.000 for chemical peel that was combined with tooth veneer costing $12.400.

Breast Augmentation
Rumor has it that Demi Moore has repeating or at least more than once plastic surgery for the breast augmentation procedure. Everyone must be still remember her sexy figure when appears at 1996 comedic drama film entitled Striptease. There Demi Moore seems to really have big guts to expose her body which is showing how wonderful she is. Started from that time, people then wonder whether Demi Moore breast is real or from plastic surgery result. It’s likely that before this film Demi Moore has conducted breast implant through plastic surgery. Compared with her young picture, Demi Moore hasn’t kind of big breast like today or that time in Striptease film. Her breast is quite small, petite and leaving much space in the chest area. But in that movie, she was appearing with protruding, though and big breast that probably from the plastic surgery. She may have spent $22.000 for this procedure done. Demi Moore also accused repeated plastic surgery for breast implant when started to date actor Ashton Kutcher. At that time people noticed even though she has been aged, but her breast looks still though and up. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden tells Make Me Heal that there is any sign of plastic surgery for breast implant at Demi Moore appearance. Even though she denies it but how tough and up her breast even she has aged shown its indication. The doctor also added that to make it perfect and last lasting, she may have spent more money at least $19.000 to get a breast lift to keep the implant work well on her.

I’ts well known that Demi Moore  has spent over $330,000 on diet and fitness  and also paying her personal trainers. But seems not enough for her, Demi Moore was accused has spent more money for liposuction too. The liposuction that well known will help you to abolish excess fat instantly even without any hard exercise was taken by Demi Moore too. She was accused spent $32.000 for liposuction that was performed on the outer and inner thigh, hips and stomach.  Her body that thin with assets looks shaped and curved and creating sexier appearance on her.
Well, it is undeniable that Demi Moore looks better than ever. Unlike other women of her age, Moore is free from wrinkles or other aging signs. Additionally, her neck looks perfectly taut and tight.

What do you think? Does she look good after plastic surgery? Please feel free to speak your mind….