Friday, December 6, 2013

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Lips Augmentation, Breast Implants

Courtney Michelle Love born on July 9, 1964 is an American rock musician and actress. Courtney Love has had many hardships throughout her musical career, most notably her battle with drug addiction and a bit of controversy surrounding the death of her former husband Kurt Cobain.

Courtney Love: Plastic Surgeries She Had Done
The former wife of Kurt Cobain has had three nose jobs, a lip augmentation, breast implants and liposuction. If she had not met the ‘Cat Woman’, she may have continued to undergo the knife.
Courtney Love's plastic surgeries may have resulted from grief over the loss of her husband. Losing a loved one can make people do strange things.

It may have taken a shock for Courtney Love to swear off plastic surgery forever. She will probably make the details known in her autobiography, if she should ever choose to write one.
There are people who choose to consult a surgeon to feel better about themselves. There is also a condition known as body dysmorphic syndrome, but Love showed no signs of suffering from this personality disorder.

How A Meeting With ‘Cat Woman’ Changed Everything
A chance encounter caused Love to question the need to go under the knife consistently.

Courtney Love decided that she no longer needed to go under the knife after she encountered Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was later to become known as ‘Cat Woman’ in the tabloid media.  Without question ‘Cat Woman‘ represents one of the most horrific and awful plastic surgery stories of all time.
Wildenstein had and has since spent thousands of dollars on various plastic surgeries over the years which created an unnatural appearance to make her look more like a cat.
The details of how Wildenstein affected Love are not known. What is known is that Love had a number of surgeries before meeting the celebrity.

She is a lead singer, guitarist and lyricist for the alternative rock band Hole and for her marriage to the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. Courtney Michelle Love is the most controversial woman in the history of rock.

After Michael Jackson, she is one of the celebrities who have a regular schedule of Plastic Surgery procedures. Her face seems to change in every few months. She did lot of experiments on her face to make it better.

She had a Joker smile last year for a few months which was very scary. She has also done a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), the bridge of her nose looked unnecessarily filed down. Courtney says that the Nose Job is the reason she is successful in Hollywood.

Some Microdermabrasion and glycolic peels have helped her skin texture- and then there are the obvious Collagen Injections for the lips. That makes her face longer and fuller, plus her lips are bee stung. The Nose Job done on her is so tight that her facial expressions are almost immobile.

After looking her before and after picture it is clear that she has underwent at least two Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty) operations.