Thursday, December 5, 2013

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Botox Injections and Facelift Before and After

Courteney Cox has admitted in the past to “trying” Botox, but if you’ve seen her recently, it’s obvious that she’s gone a lot further than that. You can’t tell so much from the most recent still photos of Courteney we have, but in a new interview on Ellen I was so surprised to see only her lower lip move. (That video is here.) She’s done a lot to her face, and it’s obvious. Well, the good news is that she’s not denying it. In a cover interview with New You Magazine, Courtney cops to laser treatment on her face and skin, and says she’s “game for anything,” and “very open to trying to prolong the inevitable.” She also admits she’s afraid of aging. Well, at least she’s being somewhat honest. I feel sorry for her more than anything else.

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery: The 'Friends' Star Debuts New Face

First there was Madonna. Then there was Meg Ryan. And now, one of our favourite 'Friends' has undergone a dramatic plastic surgery procedure that's permanently altered her face. As reported by the Daily Mail, Courteney Cox appeared on the set of her new film 'Hello I Must be Going' displaying very puffy almost unrecognizable cheeks. Her lips are larger than life and her eyes swollen. The new look is even more dramatic when compared to the actress's petite frame.

This isn't the first time the 49-year-old has been accused of having plastic surgery. At a recent event, the actress appeared, on stage, looking like a shell of the Monica we fell in love with (save for her raven-toned locks).

Confession Of Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Courteney Cox has almost touched her 50s but she is astonishingly young and attractive. She is popular among her fans due to TV show “Friends” and “Cougartown”. Recently, Courtney Cox plastic surgery has become the topic of discussion by media and audience. The basic reason for these rumors is her youthful appearance. It has forced people to think that she might have taken some surgical treatment.

There are convincing proofs that show vivid changes in her facial expressions. In her past pictures, she had wrinkles around her eye and lip area but in recent pictures we cannot find her wrinkles. Moreover, her face is more shiny and healthy that is the result of Botox injections. Courtney Cox plastic surgery can be verified by viewing the perfect shape and size of her breast. She has crossed her forty and it is common to have loose facial as well as breast skin in this age group. Amazingly, she is young with a sexy figure and rosy lips.

Contrary to all media proofs, plastic surgeon Dr. Young has denied the rumors about Courtney Cox plastic surgery. He declares that her shape looks natural and it is merely due to her genetic factor. It seems that she takes great care of her figure and takes healthy diet for a youthful appearance. If we compare Courtney Cox recent pictures with her previously taken pictures, it would be clear that she had gone under the knife for small surgical treatments. Now, she looks natural and more beautiful  due to use of Botox injections. She has not madly treated her skin with irregular surgeries that has made the appearance of other celebrities freaky and horrible. Her fans like always to see her graceful and attractive.

Courtney Cox plastic surgery has been confessed by the actress and she has disclosed the use of Botox injections for a long lasting beauty. She didn’t want to take several plastic surgeries as it had given a horrible results on majority of celebrity faces. She has taken several doses facial fillers for cheeks and lips. It is appreciated by the media that she has admitted in front of the camera about the laser treatments. She has revealed her fear regarding aging. Her fans have welcomed her openness and honest attitude. Aging is a natural phenomena and nobody can stop it. We can make efforts to sustain our beauty for a longer time period.