Saturday, December 7, 2013

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Photos

Daryl Hannah, was undoubtedly a beauty icon back in the 80's with her hit movie "Splash" and even maintained her hot image 20 years later in the movie "Kill Bill."

If you have ever watched Kill Bill, you may know that one of the main character’s enemies was named Elle Driver. Elle was played by Daryl Christine Hannah, more commonly known as Daryl Hannah. Unfortunately, her plastic surgery journey has not been as successful as her movie career.

Has Daryl Hannah Visited a Cosmetic Surgeon?
Daryl Hannah starred in Blade Runner, Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias, because her appearance has changed over time people suggest that she has had plastic surgery.
Hannah was born on December 3, 1960. She attended the University of Southern California and made her first film appearance in 1978 in The Fury.

Daryl Hannah has not mentioned whether or not she has had surgical work done, but before and after pictures lead many people to speculate about the types of procedure that she might have had.
The video below, courtesy of the Plastic Surgery Channel, nicely summarizes the general view on the possibility of Daryl Hannah’s forays into the cosmetic surgery world.
Like most celebrities, it is likely that if Daryl Hannah has gone under the knife she did so to maintain her youthful appearance.

It would appear that she has not had the worst experience nor has she suffered like some of the well-documented and horrific surgeries of people like ‘Cat Woman‘, also known as Jocelyn Wildenstein.
Doctor Richard Fleming, a cosmetic surgeon from New York believes Hannah has gone through a number of procedures on her face. He believes that the star’s face used to be thinner.

The procedure has left her with a fuller face and Fleming is quoted as saying that her ‘new’ face contains a lot of filler and is even a case of bad celebrity plastic surgery.

What kinds of plastic surgery she had?

Fortune was not in Hannah’s corner when she decided to go under the knife to fight aging. All the things she had planned didn’t turn out how she expected. Although Hannah has not discussed with the media what problems she had, we can conclude what many of them were by looking at her photos.

If we compare her before and after photos, you can see big changes on her face. Her face may have had too much filler injected in it. As a result, her forehead may appear to be young with no wrinkles, but other parts of her face, such as her chin, appear to be unbalanced and too full. Overall, it looks like her face has changed due to bad plastic surgery results.

Although this might be a bad experience, it is an experience that she can learn from, and sometimes learning something good from the bad is the best result.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts beleive about Darryl Hannah's plastic surgery?"

"It's very sad, but the star of Splash appears to have gotten fish lips! Daryl's face looks like it's undergone quite a few changes, likely from the plastic surgeon's needle," celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn was quoted as saying.

"I suspect that her overly plumped up lips are due to injections of a filler like Restylane, causing her upper lip to be thicker than her lower lip," Dr. Youn continued.

"Her eyebrows and forehead also have changed, resembling a Botox brow. When Botox is injected into the forehead, in some people it can cause the eyebrows to take a somewhat sinister-looking shape," Dr. Youn explained.

"I also suspect that she's had some injections of filler, like Sculptra, into her cheeks. This may be causing her to look more plump than she did 20 years ago."

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming claimed:  "Her face looks much rounder, everything about her face used to be much thinner, cheeks, jaw line, nasal labal lines, everything was much more pronounced. In my opinion there's a lot more fullness and it's not a natural contour. I have no idea what they did, but there is filler material in there."

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner told: "It appears there has been additional fullness to the mid-face. It could have been with any sort of filler material like juvederm. Her nose looks different."

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg revealed: "It looks like she (had) injections of fillers… in the face, causing that puffy appearance around her nasolabial folds, lines running from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. She also looks as though she had a face-lift, lip injections and Botox on her forehead and around her eyes."

The Daily Mail also commented on her recent appearance at a  Prix Montblanc award ceremony in Germany: "Is her face looking suspiciously tight?"

The article added that she "was looking suspiciously younger as she stepped out on the red carpet" and claimed that "the actress's lips looked plumper and the skin around her eyes tighter as she attended the Prix Montblanc Gala in Berlin."

On the other hand, Hannah denied having any work done...To be more exact, in a new interview with The Daily Mail, she even called women who have facelifts "muppets."