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Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox Injections and Nose Jobs

Claire Danes is an American actress of many films, stage and television that was rumored had have plastic surgery. She was born in Manhattan of New York on April 12, 1979. As a popular celebrity, her appearance always becomes the center of people’s attention. And when she had something different in her appearance, there would be many rumors including plastic surgery possibility. Claire Danes had been rumored to have plastic surgeries in her life. The plastic surgeries including, bre*st implants, Botox injections, and rhinoplasty.
Has Claire Danes Had Plastic Surgery?

Claire Danes has been open about the possibility of plastic surgery.  She has said that everyone should be treated the same and if they want to have surgery they should be left out of the tabloids.

With her girl next doors looks and ageless face, many of her fans can’t help but wonder if Claire is trying to preserve her looks for the camera.

The beautiful Claire was actually named Claire Catherine Danes at birth. She was born on April 12, 1979, in Manhattan, New York.Clare Danes - has she had plastic surgery? (image hosted by /

Many are surprised to find out that Claire attended Yale University for psychology, but later decided the acting business was where her heart was. She has done several movies and appearances in television, but her most famous role was in My So Called Life.

Claire Danes before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by series, while short lived with only nineteen episodes, allowed Claire to take home a Golden Globe Award for her performance. She is also no stranger to the theater, as she has starred in many Broadway productions.

What kinds of plastic she had?

Botox Injections:
She had botox injection on her lips. From this way, the effect was her lips’ volume seemed getting plumper, and fuller than before. The injection filler might be the answer to make her lips different.
Claire Danes has amazing facial skin that makes her looks much younger. Botox seems to help Claire Dane to abolish laugh lines around the mouth as well as crows feet that probably will appear around eye area. Claire Danes’ forehead, the area that wrinkle will appear first time as aging sign; looks so toned, flawless and tight. Her fresh also look very elastic, smooth and shinny makes people believe not only her strict diet that makes her looks so good. The indication that Claire Danes has Botox also can be shown from her forehead that bit elevated. But so far Botox seems to help Claire Danes looks very fantastic and youthful, though till now this woman still denies the rumor she had undergone plastic surgery.

Breast Implant:
Claire Danes was accused has a breast implant right after giving birth her only son, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy last year. Some people even believed that actually Calire Danes has undergone plastic surgery very long time ago since she gain her popularity through Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. In that movie, Claire Danes looks very young with perky bust and tend to small breast instead. But along she is getting older, her breast seems to grow too. Claire Danes breast looks bigger, rounder, tougher and larger that really sits on her. Although there are significant changing on her bust, but Claire Danes new breast looks natural and suit on her.

There was a significant change on her breasts, for people know that in the past it was not as big as at this time. That significant change, a rounder and bigger, make her indicated to have a mammoplasty. Commonly, the reason why people take this way is to boost their confidence. Especially for celebrity who must have to stay great in front of camera.

Nose Job(Rhinoplasty):
There was a great change between Danes’ previous nose and current photo. In the past her nose is round and big with a rounded tip. After that rhinoplasty, her nose change strongly, it looked thinner, which have narrower bridge and pointed tip.
Latisse’s problem.

The latest rumor about her was about the side effect that she took from Latisse, which is known as the best eyelash enhancement drug. Danes was rumored to have suffered the bad effect of that product and currently struggling to make it secret. The rumor told that the purplish and yellowish shade appeared around her eyes. Is that true?

Claire Danes on plastic surgery: “I don’t think anyone should judge anyone”