Thursday, December 12, 2013

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Disaster Photos

Plastic surgery is not always good. It doesn’t always help people to get fabulous look, but can make someone become the worst looking human in the world. Donatella Versace is one of the plastic surgery’s victims. Everything she did with plastic surgery has gone awful. How could it be? This could be the doctor’s mistake, or her own destiny.

Has Donatella Versace Had Surgical Enhancements?
Donatella Versace is a famous Italian designer who has received a lot of attention with her frozen in time appearance.
She has been the center of many tabloids with celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures of surgeries gone bad. This Italian superstar may have an eye for fashion, but something is definitely going on with her face.

Though she has never answered any of the comments regarding her possible plastic surgery, her fans are certain that there have been major alterations.
Donatella was born May 5, 1955. Basing her center around the fashion industry, Donatella was only married once, but it ended in divorce. She has two children with ex-husband Paul and is also one of four children herself.
Donatella Versace is a fashion mogul of a world renowned Versace group. While she is the face that is most recognize with the Versace brand, she only owns twenty percent of the company. Her daughter, Allegra, owns the largest portion at fifty percent and a brother the remaining thirty percent.

Donatella's plastic surgery case is another case in which the real thing would have undeniably been better. Donatella has undergone so many cosmetic surgeries she is barely recognizable! Besides her awful tan, platinum blond hair, large wide cheek implants and oddly shaped lips, it’s her chest that undoubtedly gets the epic fail.

Her breasts are plump, round, hard and look utterly ridiculous with the rest of her sagging body parts. There comes a time you just have to accept gravity has taken over and be happy with what you’ve got. Getting boobs meant for a 20 year old will just make it worse.

Unfortunately, Donatella got overboard with her surgeries. Trying to delay the effects of age and improve her ordinary look, she has had multiple facelifts to the point where her skin seems way too tight and way too stretched. It won't be an exaggeration to claim that Donatella looks terrifying.

It is more than obvious that Donatella had either some substance injected in her lips or had permanent implants.

Like other celebrities she might wish to get the best look after plastic surgery, but it didn’t go as she had expected. There have been some poor plastic surgeries that made her look horrible. They include a nose job, lip augmentation, facelift and botox. The first is the nose job. We clearly don’t understand what kind of shape she wanted from her nose job. The result looks terrible, she got a wider nose with a bigger tip. The nose doesn’t match her face, and we know most celebrities make their noses thinner and more elegant. Dr Paul Nassif said that Donatella had been over-aggressive with the nose job, and it went horribly.

Donatella Versace Awful Plastic Surgery

The second poor procedure was her lip augmentation. Like the nose job, the lip injection turned out horribly. This could be caused by too much fillers injected. The upper lips and lower lips look unbalanced, and they have a wide size and weird shape. You could imagine what she feels having those lips. She must be sad even though she looks confident.

The third procedure was the facelift and botox treatment. Her face looks nicely tight, but she got too much botox in her face. Therefore she looks so plastic around her face. It’s too smooth. She might lose her wrinkles, but having that kind of nose and horrible lips makes her face look weird. She lost her original face and came into a really bad fake face. You can imagine that she spent a lot of money to enhance her look, but it didn’t turn out as she had expected. She didn’t turn younger, but she became someone a lot older than her age.