Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rumors Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job Photos

Another young starlet, who has likely had surgery to improve her chances of making big, is Erica Durance. Although you might not recognize her name straight off the bat, she is famous for her role in the television series Smallville, where she played Lois Lane. For any young actress this is a dream role, as Lois Lane is an iconic character who has been portrayed by a number of lovely ladies. Today, however, this Canadian actress is likely looking for greener pastures in the Hollywood Hills, and thought perhaps a little plastic surgery could give her the edge she needed.

Has Erica Durance Been Enhanced?

But her beauty has also been the cause of much speculation.

As with so many female celebrities in recent days, Erica has been the subject of numerous rumors about having had plastic surgery. For instance, it has been suggested she has had breast implants; a photograph of her and others both known or rumored to have had this operation may be seen on the internet.

Other operations that Erica is rumored to have had performed on her include rhinoplasty (a nose job — more than one person have commented that it looks like she had a bad one), liposuction, and improvements on her eyes, jaws, and lips.

Has Erica Durance had Plastic Surgery?
Erica Durance is a young actress, and as such she is rumored to have had the usual ‘young actress plastic surgery procedures.’ The first of these procedures is a breast augmentation. Her breasts appear more prominent and full than before, indicating that she has had breast implants. When a breast augmentation is done well, it is impossible to tell whether the actress has actually had surgery, or is simply making better choices for her cleavage such as push-up bras and herbal enhancements. As young women grow, age, and change weight, breasts can also grow and shrink a size or two. With young actresses, these ‘natural changes’ tend to happen overnight, generally indicating breast implants have been used.

When an actress’s nose gets thinner, more sculpted, and overall smaller, it is a safe bet she’s had plastic surgery. While her nose appeared thick and large in the past, today there is an obvious difference in the before and after images. It comes as no surprise that these claims have neither been confirmed or denied publicly, but few observers have much doubt as to whether her nose has changed over the years.

There are two rumors of plastic surgery related to Erica Durance. First, she had breast implants. It is difficult to prove whether she did this or not, because there are so many ways to make the breasts look bigger. She could have chosen a different bra or used a make up effect. Another possibility is that her breasts grew bigger naturally. However the rumor said that she likely had breast implants.

The second rumor is that Erica Durance had a nose job. In this case, it can be seen clearly that the shape of her nose is smaller and thinner right now, while she had a big and thick nose in the past. Unfortunately, this surgery doesn’t look like it turned out that well. She’s never confirmed whether or not she has gone under the knife, but she still looks charming.

Erica Durance herself hasn’t neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors. This might be another reason to create these rumors, because it seems strange that she doesn’t deny it if she really didn’t have anything done. One way or another, her appearance seems natural and even if she did have something done, the procedures were very subtle and there are no drastic changes seen neither on her face nor on her body.

It seems that it is her good genes and taking care of her body which help her maintain youthful appearance over the years. Hollywood is filled with all kinds of stories about celebrity plastic surgeries that went wrong and Erica Durance’s fans are probably happy that she isn’t one of the “plastic” looking celebrities with frozen and expressionless face. At least for now, she looks as natural as it gets.

All things considered, it seems that the rumors about possible Erica Durance plastic surgery aren’t true. Looking at the actress’s latest appearances, we can see that she looks naturally beautiful and she doesn’t really need any kind of surgical alteration. Most of her fans agree with that and hope that Erica Durance will continue to embrace her natural beauty and won’t become one of the plastic surgery celebrities.