Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants, Botox Injections

Who doesn’t know Toni Braxton? She was rumored undertake some plastic surgery. And here are the photos of before and after she did plastic surgery. Toni Michelle Braxton, she is an American R&B style singer, who well-known for her song “un-break my heart”. The 44 years singer is rumored to have plastic surgery to boost her career. Before that, she was firstly rumored to have bankruptcy, and was told that she had been posing for playboy.

In many forums, many people discussed whether she had gone under the knife or not. The rumors which appear are her nose job, breast augmentation, and Botox treatment. She had already revealed about her activity in making different nose and breast, but she denied that she also had a Botox treatment.

To have tighter and sexier shape of breast is a special need for people who thinks beauty is everything. Especially the public figure that always be looked, be the people’s limelight. Maybe, that’s what Toni Braxton did the breast augmentation on her body. People guess she had that way for boosting her confidence to go through the hard way as a celebrity.

People opinion is that in the past, Toni Braxton’s nose is not as nice current nose. Her nose seems bigger than the new one. After the nose job, her nose looked more beautiful and no longer big. The two sides of the nose looked slimmer.

The rumor that she denied was Botox treatment. She denied to having a Botox treatment on her face even she revealed about her nose and boob job.
Toni Braxton on told on twitter that she didn’t know why people flatter on her plastic surgery; she only had a nose job and a boob job in the past. For she had a different look on her face, the shape of her face seems fuller than before, it may indicate that she had such filler injected on her face.

Dr. Michel Shalzauer on told that her face was different. She had a Botox to augment the cheek to have it prominent and made it youthful.

Toni Braxton who well known with her number one hits “Unbreak my Heart”  revealed that she was conducted plastic surgery in 1992. She only admitted that she got nose job and breast augmentation at that time, and she did not had anything else on her face.

Although many people doesn’t believed that her face untouched with fat grafts or fillers like Radiesse in her cheeks, but we should appreciate her confession of nose job and breast augmentation. Toni Braxton openly revealed to the media that in 1992 she had performed nose job and breast implant. She said that she is enough with it, quite satisfied with the result and never intend to repeat it any more.

She denies that she had another plastic surgery procedures like facelift, botox or filler as people reported. It seems that Toni Braxton should work harder to make public believe that nose job and breast augmentation are enough for her. In 1992, or we may say in the peak of her career, she decide to perform plastic surgery for the nose job and breast augmentation. She said that her main reason was just to boost her confidence as the entertainer.

Toni Braxton previously has quite piggy nose as commonly like African American woman has. Although the nose is quite big on her, but people said that Tone Braxton looks more natural with her nose before she transformed it into smaller, thinner and sharper nose.

Yes, her new nose is still looks good on her, but she less natural. She also openly said that she got breast augmentation to make her breast look settled, bigger, rounded and tougher. But Toni Braxton denies she coupled those two plastic surgery procedures with the newest one although Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer doesn’t really believed it.

He said that Toni Braxton facial skin looks like had filler and botox injection regularly and possibly facelift too as well as her previous breast augmentation and the nose job.

Well personally, I will say that I don’t care whether Toni Braxton had plastic surgery or not. As long as it doesn’t affected her voice, it doesn’t matter  she got nose job and breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedures.

But how about you? Does those plastic surgery procedures help our diva Toni Braxton looks even better? Well I love to see your comments about Toni Braxton plastic surgery on the box bellow.

 I would love to say that Toni Braxton before and after plastic surgery issue wasn’t shocking people much. Through her official Twitter account, Toni Braxton revealed that her before and after the plastic surgery issue is not just rumor. This 46 year old singer says that publicly don’t so shocked after her before and after picture was revealed. Openly Toni Braxton who has won 9 Billboard Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards, and  6 Grammy Awards, revealed has her nose and breast done. Toni Braxton ha undergone plastic surgery for breast implant and nose job in last 1992, but recent media spotted she has added Botox and filler injection too. Overall I would say that Toni Braxton of course looks much better after plastic surgery compared than before. But some people may have a different opinion regarding to Toni Braxton plastic surgery before and after.
Toni Braxton Nose Job and Breast Augmentation
Toni Braxton revealed that she has put herself under the knife since 1992 by doing breast implant and nose job. If you see in Toni Braxton old photos especially when she is still young, she is kind of tomboyish girl. Her chest is quite flat and perky with small size that left many spaces in her chest. Previously her nose also less pointed, looks bigger and wider at the nasal bridge. But along she is getting older and mature, I think she is more aware about her appearance as the entertainer. That’s why in 1992 she decides to undergo plastic surgery for breast augmentation and nasal reconstruction. As the result, after the breast augmentation done,  Toni Braxton has more protruding breast with quite bigger and larger size. The shape is quite amazing too because her breast looks very though, up and juicy. The Toni Braxton nose also looks well defined, smaller and pinched. The nasal board looks slimmer and cramped too that very suits in the Toni Braxton face.

Toni Braxton Botox and Facial Filler

Recently, after those procedures done, it’s likely that Toni Braxton also has Botox and Filler injection too. Toni Braxton hasn’t admitted about this rumor, but again by comparing before and after picture, seems the rumor is true. Botox help Toni Braxton smooth aging lines, crows feet, frown and make her forehead looks elevated. Her facial skin has also become flawless and toned too. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also accused her has filler injection by comparing her before and after plastic surgery pictures. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer believe Toni Braxton recently has Restylane or Juvederm to add volume on her cheek. Dr. Michael Salzhauer says before Toni Braxton has a sunken face because she is a bit too skinny. But along she is getting older, she tries to minimize it by doing filler injection or fat graft into her cheek. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says Toni Braxton looks younger although sometimes she looks so plastic.

Toni Braxton may start to less popularity yet her health problem and financial problem affected her life too. But I would love to say that after plastic surgery may give her refresh looks and I hope it will boost her confidence to come back singing again. Through Toni Braxton before and after plastic surgery picture we may see this legendary woman transformation so clearly.

Plastic surgery has become a hot trend among celebrity life, almost every day we hear the news about what they have done to maintain their appearance. Toni Braxton is one of those Hollywood celebrities who rumored to have some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. The R&B singer and songwriter has been reported to have a boob job, a nose job, Botox and also fat grafting for her cheek.

Toni Braxton has ever admitted to have a breast augmentation and a nose job in the past, but she denied to have another surgery to look for perfect beauty. Although she strongly denies to have another surgery procedure, but the fans stay believe that she has more than a boob job and a nose job.

Fans notice that her face looks much more different from she was in the past. Fans suspected Toni possibly have something done to her face since her face looks much fuller than before. It seems that she has undergone fat grafts or fillers to her cheek.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “Observing Toni Braxton’s photos over the time, it seems that her face shape looks very different. If I need to guess, Botox and fillers have been performed to augment her cheek. She looks more prominent and youthful.”

Well, what do you think guys about Toni Braxton plastic surgery? Is it good or bad? Please feel free to share yours though.