Friday, April 5, 2013

Vanessa Ferlito Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Lips Injections

Vanessa Ferlito is frequently mentioned in emails sent to the webmaster by concerned web surfers. They feel that her nose looks like the end result of a botched nose job (rhinoplasty).

In the photoset above, she is guilty of having duck lips. While there are lip products that can enhance one’s pount, Vanessa Ferlito has seriously gone overboard with her current look.

You might remember Ms Vanessa Ferlito in Tarantino’s short film entitled Death Proof, or perhaps for her role as Detective Aiden Burn on CSI: New York. Regardless of how you know her, Vanessa Ferlito willy surely leave an impression on you, if she’s sporting her huge unnaturally giant inflatable lips.

Vanessa Ferlito Lip Injection and Nose Job?

Okay so Vanessa Ferlito’s lip surgery is quite obvious due to her upper lip looking fuller. But her nose seemed to have changed… What do you think? Did she go under the knife? via Awfulplasticsurgery