Monday, April 22, 2013

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Botox

Needless to say that there are many rumors circulating about Tori Amos bad plastic surgery ranging from celebrity watchers to curious fans who wonder how the alternative singer - songwriter went under the surgeon's knife for such a dramatic  makeover!

In detail, some of the things people have observed is the distinctive bump on the end of Tori's nose is gone, a common enough rhinoplasty procedure and that her eyebrows are now higher than they used to be. Even her eyes seem to have taken on a different shape, which can be achieved by plastic surgery on the eyelids to reshape the appearance of the eye.

Judging by the pictures, Tori Amos still appears to have gotten her latest looks from a surgeon's scalpel.

Tori Amos hasn't confirmed plastic surgery rumors, but from the looks of her transformation from 1990-2009, it's quite obvious.

The truth is that Tori is at an age (49) when many - especially in the entertainment industry - begin having more drastic plastic surgery than just a few chemical peels and laser treatments. When comparing photos of Tori from early in her career and the present, it looks like Tori may have had a rhinoplasty as well as a browlift and eyelid surgery as well.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden: "Tori is 45 and looking fabulous! Looking back when she first started her career, her nose was the most prominent feature on her face. Lately, her nose seems much more slimmer and her bump on her dorsum is noticeably absent. Her face also looks very refreshed and vibrant and her eyebrows seem to be slightly elevated. She may have had a brow lift, rhinoplasty and possible skin laser treatment to achieve this more youthful appearance."

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif. was quoted as saying:  "Tori may have had a brow lift. On her before and after photos, it appears that her eyebrows are elevated. Many celebrities also use Botox and/or fillers to stay looking fresh and it seems likely that Tori may also."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston revealed: "Tori Amos has been mesmerizing audience across the world for years but now it's her face that has people talking. She looks like she has undergone a brow lift, blepharoplasty, Botox and possibly a neck lift."

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer claimed: "It is unclear whether Tori has had invasive plastic surgery. She definitely has naturally beautiful skin which can be achieved with peels or laser and careful use of Botox."

You can't be 100% certain that Tori went under the surgeon's knife for invasive procedures to keep her looking smooth. According to plastic surgeon experts, Tori has more likely had fillers and injectables to help compliment her anti-aging regimen. These would include Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments and possible fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

Conclusion: You can't put your figure on what Tori has actually done on her face because she hasn't confirmed anything yet and nobody of the plastic surgeons who have expressed their opinion has ever treated Tori.  On the other hand, before and after pictures reveal that Tori has definitely gone under the knife and in fact some photos are terrifying.

Sometimes it is so obvious that a famous person has had a plastic surgery that there is no need to get any kind of confirmation. It is clear that that Tori Amos plastic surgery has really happened, because it seems that it was a surgery gone wrong. For those who don’t know, Tori Amos is a famous singer and musician – she is known for her unforgettable piano performances and beautiful voice.

There is no doubt that there was a Tori Amos plastic surgery, but the real question is which procedures did she have during those surgeries. Over the time people were creating various theories and speculations. The list of plastic surgeries which are most often mentioned when talking about Tori Amos includes rhinoplasty, brow lift, Botox injections and a neck lift. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see that nowadays Tori Amos face looks “plastic” and unnaturally smooth. We can also see some changes on her nose – now it appears a little thinner. The changes on her face have been quite drastic so in this case even photo comparisons are a strong evidence to prove that she did have a plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston was asked to state his opinion about possible Tori Amos plastic surgery. According to him, singer has definitely had a brow lift and Botox or similar face filler injections. Having in mind that even plastic surgeons see that Tori Amos looks aren’t natural, it seems weird that she hasn’t yet confirmed these rumors. If the changes on her face would be more subtle, we could say that they might have happened naturally or it was just different make-up, but it doesn’t work in this case. The changes on her face have been quite drastic and many people think that Tori Amos looked much better before plastic surgery than she does now.

Having all this in mind, there is no doubt that there has been a Tori Amos plastic surgery, even though it hasn’t been confirmed. Who knows how she will look like in a few years if she continues to surgically alter her looks. There are many examples of celebrity plastic surgery gone terribly wrong and Tori Amos is a candidate to become one of them. Now we can only wonder how she would have looked like if she would have made a decision to age gratefully instead of trying to change her looks.

Tori Amos plastic surgery has become a hot subject among fans. She is not only good at writing songs, but she is also smart enough to transform her appearance to look more beautiful and youthful in no longer young age.

49 years-old mom has recently appeared with a vibrant and fresher look. If we are comparing her photo since her debut in Little Earthquakes (1992) till present, it seems that her nose quite slimmer and her eyebrows are getting higher. Her fresher and beautiful look could also possibly deserved by careful Botox, chemical peels or laser treatments through the years.

Did Tori Amos Have Plastic Surgery?

Tori Amos has not talked to the public about the rumor, but some mass media have reported she likely has undergone multiple surgery procedures such as a nose job, a Browlift, eyelid surgery, chemical peels and laser treatments.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says “Tori looks fantastic, her face looks fresh and vibrant. Her eyebrows seem higher than before, it’s possibly as the results of a brow lift. Observing her recent photo, her nose also seems slimmer, she likely has a nose job as well “.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif says “Tori looks youthful and fresh, she possibly has had Botox or facial fillers in the past”. It is common for celebrities to use Botox or fillers to maintain a youthful look.

Tori Amos always looks fantastic over the years with or without plastic surgery. If she has had plastic surgery in the past, we need to appreciate a really good job from her plastic surgeon. She looks natural and not overdo.

Tori Amos is changing.  Public who see the latest photo of this musician and compare it with the previous one will find that there are differences on them. It stimulates the rumors circulating celebrities, when those who notice to two pictures. She has never explained it before but the surgeon and public believe it.

The expert in plastic surgeon and Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Dr. Paul S. Nassif states that Tori has had some cosmetic procedures. The difference can be found in her eyebrows. It appears that she has had it elevated. She also applies Botox or fillers to look fresh such as it is done by many celebrities.

The strong argument is also stated by Dr. Jennifer Walden who says,” Tori is more than 45 and still looks fantastic! Looking back at her first appearance in starting career, recently her nose is slimmer. She has a fresher face, too, and her eyebrows seems to be little higher. She is suspected had brow lifting, rhinoplasty and laser treatment to help her seems younger.”

Tori Amos Before and After Plastic Surgery
Dr. Sherrell J. Aston reveals, “Tori’s face is all which people talking nowadays. She seems has undergone Botox injection, brow lift procedure, blepharoplasty, and maybe a neck lift enhancement.” In the other way around, Dr. David Shafer, a plastic Surgeon from Manhattan, says, “There is uncertainty whether Tori has those all plastic surgeries. She absolutely has natural fantastic skin that can be received only by applying laser and a little bit help of Botox.”

When the experts think that she may be have surgical procedures and Botox on her eyebrows, nose and those tight skins, many people also note that her eyelid is also reformed. Well, maybe different lighting, make up and everything can make a photo looks so different from the other, yet everyone understands that the differences are impossible so that far. It is also natural for her to keep her appearance still fabulous in front of fans and public. Is it right?