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Tyra Banks Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tyra lynee bank is a media personality, model, actress, occasional singer, model and a businesswoman.She is a daughter of Carolyn a fashion manager and NASA photographer, and Donald Banks, a computer consultant.

Tyra bank is a famous media personality, and her large breasts are rumored as the result of plastic surgery or breast implants.

She used to deny all these rumors but to prove it once she featured herself on front a plastic surgeon on in-air segment.

I have attached some Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Before and after pictures have a look at then and give your comments.

Tyra removed her bra in front of audience. Without the bra her breasts look natural and swings free. To prove further that her breasts are real she allowed the plastic surgeon to use ultra sound to identify any foreign material.

When the doctor doesn’t find any foreign material, the former model proved her blameless and shows that her talk show is also real.

While Tyra might not have had plastic surgery on her breasts, she certainly has had work done on her face. More specifically, Tyra Banks has had a nose job.

why they would go under the knife and hammer to change their nose ???? Do think she is better now or her natural nose is good. 

Tyra Banks may just be one of the savviest models around, having forged a new career after the runway in talk show television. Tyra recently won a Daytime Emmy award for her television talk show, “The Tyra Banks Show.” On her show, she often dispels rumors and myths not only about women in general, but about herself in particular. In her first season on the air, Tyra Banks dismissed the rumor she had had a breast augmentation, but she has never addressed rumors of a nose job.

Tyra’s large breasts were long speculated to be the results of breast implants. But Tyra proved otherwise in an on-air segment featuring a plastic surgeon. As the audience watched, Tyra removed her bra and let her boobs swing free. Without the bra, Tyra’s breasts fell naturally to her navel. To further illustrate her point that her breasts are indeed real, Tyra then allowed a plastic surgeon to use an ultrasound to detect any foreign material. When he found none, the enthusiastic former model turned talk show host was vindicated.

Tyra frequently disputes tabloid rumors about herself on her show, but she has never mentioned or addressed the rumor that she had a nose job when she was young, presumably to further her modeling career and appear less ethnic.

In a high school photo, Tyra’s nose is wide and round. Her current nose, the nose that made her a household name around the world, is much more narrow and defined along the bridge and significantly less rounded at the tip. Rhinoplasties are common among black women in the public eye (See Make Me Heal’s story on famous black women with plastic surgery) and actress Elise Neal estimates as many as 75% of black women in Hollywood have nose jobs.

Tyra has done a lot to empower black women and we’d like to see her take her honesty one step further and admit to her nose job and whatever other procedures she has in the future.

Supermodel and "America's Next Top Model" host Tyra Banks realizes that models, herself included, are genetically blessed, and told Yahoo! Singapore that she thinks plastic surgery is "absolutely fantastic."
Banks said she is frustrated with other models who speak negatively about plastic surgery. "What're you talking about? You won the genetic lottery," Banks told Yahoo! Singapore. "You look like this specimen that's making people everywhere feel insecure and you're going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery?"

The 38-year-old media mogul justified plastic surgery by saying, "it's not fair that certain people are born with certain things."

Although Banks has always been a poster child for the body confidence movement, she is open to getting some work done on her famous face.

"I'm very lucky," Banks said in a Yahoo! Singapore interview. "Black people and Asian people have similar (strong) skin... But if one day I have wrinkles and I don't like it, I don't know if I'll cut myself but maybe... a little botox, fillers?"

This is the same woman who on June 25 uploaded an Instagram photo of herself wearing a bathing suit with a caption that read, "I challenge you to a big forehead contest!  You know I got that win on lock!"

Is this before and after images of celebrity super model Tyra Banks’s plastic surgery nose job / Rhinoplasty?

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Did celebrity and super model Tyra Banks have plastic surgery with breast augmentation and silicone breast implants in boobs?? Is this before and after images of Tyra Banks plastic surgery?