Friday, April 12, 2013

Travis Barker Photos Plastic Surgery Before and After

DJ AM and Travis Barker Burned in Plane Crash

As you may have already heard, DJ AM and former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker were severely burned in a plane crash which killed four other people. According to, they both suffered second and third degree burns, Barker to the torso and lower body, and DJ AM to the head and arm. They are currently at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia.

I’ve worked in a Burn Unit several times during my plastic surgery training, and now occasionally take care of minor burns. Third degree burns are also known as full thickness burns, and necessitate skin grafting for the area to properly heal. Second degree burns (split thickness burns) are characterized by blistering. Depending on how they heal, second degree burns may or may not need skin grafting. Burns wounds, as you may guess, are extremely painful and often require a lengthy recovery. I don’t know their exact medical details, but it sounds to me that the burns they suffered are usually not fatal. Burns like what they reportedly have, though, usually require several weeks in the hospital and several months in physical therapy.

Travis Barker was injured/burned in a plane crash and required some not-so-glorious plastic surgery (skin grafting) afterward. Here we see a skin grafted area on his leg. He should really be keeping this out of the sun. Many plastic surgeons also recommend pressure garments with silicone inserts to minimize scarring. Skin grafts do not always look so great but work for large wounds where many other techniques don’t.

One of the most prominent people in the entertainment business Travis Barker net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 70 million dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the industry. A huge part of Travis Barker net worth comes from his involvement into music and fashion designing. To the public, the entrepreneur is known as a drummer and a record producer. Moreover, he is active in song writing and fashion industry. Born in 1975, Travis Barker is recognized as the drummer in the American band called “Blink 182” which specifies into playing punk music style.

In addition to “Blink 182”, he is known as the member of other bands as well, such as “+44” which is an alternative rock group, “The Transplants” which play rock and rap music and “Box Car Racer” which is known for playing alternative rock. His membership in all those bands increases Travis Barker net worth a lot. Moreover, he is in a great relationship with DJ AM, with whom Travis Barker created a duo called “TRV$DJAM”. In addition, in 2007 he toured together with the group “The Quest”.

His first band ever was called “Feeble”, however after its separation Travis Barker joined the band “The Aquabats” in 1996. In 1997, he was featured on their album entitled “The Fury of the Aquabats”. However, his career as a musician became really intense when he joined the punk band “Blink 182” in 1998. After he became the drummer in the band, Travis Barker started to get involved into various projects of different music genres including hip hop, pop, alternative rock and also pop. However, the music style in which he became extremely acceptable and welcomed was hip hop. Even today many hip hop artists ask him to produce their music hits. In 2004, he established his record label company called “LaSalle Records”.

Travis Barker has also collaborated with many other artists such as Yelawolf, Game, Tom Morello, Slaughterhouse, Slash and Corey Taylor. In addition to his music career, Travis Barker is a prominent person in the fashion business. He created his own fashion line called “Famous Stars and Straps” in 1999. Under his name, many clothing lines such as “DC Shoes” and “Zildjian Cymbals” have produced merchandise. Thus, both careers as a musician and also as a fashion designer bring millions of dollars to the overall amount of Travis Barker net worth year after year and it is expected to increase.