Saturday, April 6, 2013

Valentino Plastic Surgery Before and After Tanner

For the last time, the over 55 set needs to stay away from self tanner

Self tanner seems to be getting popular with the over 55 crowd. It does not look good because it settles into facial wrinkles and make the wearer look older. It is nice when a person has some color, but self tanners just do not look right on craggy skin, even if you are a famous clothing designer, like Valentino below.

Valentino is living proof that if you have enough plastic surgery, by a certain age you will look like a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum replica of yourself.
You occasionally see pictures of celebrities posing next to their likenesses in the museum. As good as some of the reproductions are, you can always tell which one is real.

what legendary Journey guitarist Neal Schon has done to his face! Awful plastic surgery, indeed! It appears that Schon has radically altered his once-handsome face with fillers(?) and more than one eye lift procedure(?), perhaps to look closer in age to his 20-something (4th) wife. Neal is 54.

I’ve searched other sites to see if anyone has noticed Schon’s waxen, strange appearance, but to no avail.

Compare mid-1980′s photos with those from about 2005 – when he begins to looks plastic – especially his eyebrows and eyes. He does wear sunglasses often now when performing; maybe he knows he’s had awful plastic surgery?

Hey all that money and he still looks ****! lol These rich and famous people just dont know when to stop! I think they all go around in the same circles and tell each other how lovely they all look, while the rest of us plebs laugh at them! lol. (not that im bitter about them being rich and famous you understand! lmao)