Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Traci Bingham Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Jobs

Once upon a time, Traci Bingham was a very pretty girl. Unfortunately, she prefers the pornstar look to pretty. And, thanks to the help of her plastic surgeon, she is looking trashy as hell!

Traci’s 1st plastic surgery was rhinoplasty (a nose job), which actually was pretty well done.

Traci Bingham before and after nose job:

Then she decided to boost her career with a set of giant breast implants:

Traci Binghams bedazzled breast implants:

Finally, Traci decided to finish off her look (well, at least for now) with a collagen filled pornstar pout:

Traci Bingham before lip injections:

And that is how Traci Bingham went from pretty to pornstar in just three cosmetic procedures!

It’s easy to see why Traci has been unable to find steady acting work once Baywatch ended. After all of the plastic surgery she has had done, she looks like every other wannabe model in Los Angeles. Girls that look like that are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

Traci Bingham looks way overdone these days. Three years ago, she appeared to be in the process of refining her look. Her makeup was less ‘bimbo’ and she had an elegant updo. Now, it 2008, she seems to have gone in a wilder direction. It looks like she has a new set of larger breast implants and her lips appear huge! Especially the top lip, which is enlarger, the cupid’s bow is almost non-existant (that is a sign of too much lip collagen).

Fans of the hit 90s television show Baywatch will already know who the stunning Traci Bingham is. But who would she be without the help of plastic surgery?

At 41, Traci clearly took cures from another star of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, and headed to the plastic surgeon before hitting the beach. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Pamela Anderson’s plastic surgery). But Make Me Heal thinks that Traci ordered more than just an oversized breast augmentation to help boost her career.

Traci Bingham, Plastic Surgery

While there is no doubt that Traci is a beautiful woman who has aged remarkably well, it is just as certain that a good plastic surgeon has aided her appearance as much as good genes. Make Me Heal suspects that Traci has had at least one breast augmentation as well as at least one rhinoplasty to help her nasal tip appear slimmer and more pointed rather than round and bulbous. More recently it seems that Traci has also added a lip augmentation to her beauty regime.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Traci Bingham does not seem shy about her implants.  In many pictures, they appear asymmetric with possible development of contracture on her left.  Additionally, when comparing the before and after pictures, she does appear to have refinement of her nasal tip, narrowing of her nose and alar base resection.  Finally, she has gone a bit overboard with the lip injections – I just hope it is not a permanent filler.”

According to Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, “Traci is a naturally beautiful woman but it is evident she had some work done. Her lips have more than likely been treated with filler, and noticeably more plump than they were before. Traci’s nose appears much smaller in her more recent photos. The tip is a great deal softer and significantly less bulbous than it was which is an improvement. And the bridge looks like it was narrowed quite a bit, creating a nose that may not look as natural as it could having been a bit more conservative. She still looks amazing. But in her case, less may be more.”

As Traci is in the midst of middle age, it seems likely that she has also been using Botox Cosmetic injections to help skin remain youthfully wrinkle-free.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia says, “She’s likely had at least a rhinoplasty (likely more than once), breast implants, eyes, and lips. She is likely a Botulinum toxin user as well.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston says, “It appears that Ms. Bingham has had a Rhinoplasty, lip injections and Botox. While it is impossible to tell what size implants Ms. Bingham has; it is probably in the 550 to 600 cc range. In my aesthetic judgment they are too large for her body.”