Thursday, September 26, 2013

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Andrea Mitchell who was born on October 30th, 1946, might did Restylane injections in order to make the skin of her face become smoother. It is almost impossible to have tightly skin and have no wrinkles on the face when a woman is getting in her sixties like her. In this case, she looks very beautiful and fresh in her age, which means she did plastic surgery successfully. It seems that she went “under the knife” for her face only, because there is no change drastically on other body of her. Therefore, she absolutely felt so glad and there was no official confirmation at all from her.

Surgeon’s Scalpel: Truth or Myth?

During an extensive broadcasting career, Andrea Mitchell’s surgery chatter has been well noted.

Born October 30, 1946, Andrea Mitchell has been bringing the news to Americans since 1994. She currently resides in Washington, DC and works as a commentator for NBC.

Throughout her career she has worked as a reporter, anchor and journalist. She is currently married to Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan.

Andrea Mitchell is known for her edgy journalistic approach. In 2005, she was removed from a news conference in Khartoum. She asked Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir, “Why should Americans believe your promises?”

Since Tinsel town is widespread with cosmetic surgeries and rumors, even soap stars like Lisa Rinna has had plastic surgery to improve her characteristic appearance. In a society where growing old is not an option, accusations of plastic surgery are only too predominant.

Mature actresses such as Jane Fonda continually draw interest, which is why there are equivalent inquiries asked about Cheryl Tiegs. However, a younger, fresher star like Kellie Pickler does not come under the scrutiny that the older stars do.
Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan. Andrea Mitchell’s Surgery Rumors

Andrea Mitchell plastic surgery? True or false? There is a great deal of rumor on the subject of plastic surgery with Andrea Mitchell. Being in the public eye, it is often hard to deny when things look altered. Some people notice that her face looks drastically different, insinuating that there has been a face lift that has been done.

Others that she has aged dramatically too well, suggesting that she might get Botox or Restylane injections. Some people parallel her early anchor days to live broadcasts today , claiming that there is no way a woman of her age, could look so flawless.

While there are many speculations, there is no fact, so this cannot be taken as gospel. There can be many things, which can apparently change the way a lady looks from one picture to another.

If a woman has a different hairstyle, if they have used different cosmetics, the slant of the photograph and the illumination in the snapshot can all form an illusion that things might have been altered during plastic surgery gone wrong.

Of course by studying some pictures, time has in fact caused changed. Some people actually do age gracefully. There are many people who Mother Nature has been kind too. While some may have plastic surgery, others will opt to grow old gracefully.

Andrea Doesn’t Entertain Cosmetic Surgery Questions

Though there have been several rumors throughout her career, Andrea Mitchell has never made a public statement regarding any plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements.

Andrea has never been one to beat around the bush and tends to be a straight shooter.

If she had something to say, it is quite possible that she would be honest with her fans about her alterations. Perhaps Andrea does not want to be another statistic of bad plastic surgery stories.

News anchor popularity now is aligned into celebrities’ circle which becomes mass entertainment media source of news. As we know that celebrities and mass media seem to be symbiosis mutuality. It is not secret anymore that celebrities can not live alone because they need to be reported in order to have existence in entertainment industry, on the other hand mass media need some news dealing with celebrities gossips and news in order to have higher popularity which will influence their income. Both celebrities and mass media take advantage from being unity which can not be separated one another. However their relationship sometimes gets worse because of some negative reports in which the truth can not be justified. Some of mass media headlines lately reported that Andrea Mitchell has undergone some plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful appearance. What kinds of surgical procedures did she have?

There are many debates regarding whether or not Mitchell face has experienced some surgeon knife scratches. But based on her before and after pictures comparison, she looks likely to have facelift procedure that can be seen through her drastic face appearance with tightened facial skin as if there is no any aging signs there whereas her age has bee reaching 67 years old. It is mostly impossible for women in her age could look so great and young except plastic surgery help.

However, when those rumors were confirmed to AndreaM itchell, she did not clearly state that she has become of news reporters whose plastic surgery. She might have understood well that being aligned into bad plastic surgery stories will impact on her career. Therefore the picture comparison result can not be considered as the confirmation even facts. Even though her face appearance seems to be very contradictive to her real age but one thing that we have to keep in mind is that to obtain the youthful appearance with tightened face skin is not always gained through cosmetic surgeries but it can be obtained throughout other ways including high skill make up, skin laser treatments, and healthy lifestyle.

Over all, Regardless of Andrea Mitchell plastic surgery rumors truth, we noticed that she looks great in her old age. If she did have been under knife to keep her young look, she might have a certified and professional surgeon who has been successfully altered her old appearance to be the young woman. But if she did age naturally, she might have good genes and healthy lifestyle because it is mostly impossible for ordinary women in her age could have youthful look except surgeon help. What do you think? Has Andrea got plastic surgery or she aged naturally?

Hollywood is full of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong and she may want to just let nature takes its course. It is no doubt that plastic surgery can modify a face and even change the way one express sentiment.