Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rocco DiSpirito Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Eyelid Photos

ONE morning earlier this month, Rocco DiSpirito climbed into a car that would take him from downtown Manhattan out to Jamaica, Queens, where he grew up. He hadn’t been back to Jamaica in 20 years or so, and he was looking forward to the 13-mile journey with a mix of curiosity and trepidation.

“I mean, I remember being afraid constantly afraid for my life,” Mr. DiSpirito said of his childhood in the 1970s. “I was the kid in the maroon blazer on the way to Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic school, in between one gang and another gang, and it was like, How did I want to get beat up today?”

American chef Rocco DiSpirito was getting older rapidly, so he thought to consult with some experts to get a solution for this problem. The experts in the beauty field told that this problem had only one solution i.e. Plastic surgery. They suggested him two procedures eyelid surgery and facelift surgery. After getting these two surgeries, he completely changed his look and became a new person altogether. The American chef was born in 1966 and has reached at an age when people tend to receive lines and wrinkles on their faces.

The sagging skin on his eyes was making him look lazy. There is a plastic procedure named eyelid surgery, which is said to be the best solution of this problem. After his wound was healed and he came back home, he noticed that there was no more sagging skin seen on his eyelids and his eyes were looking alive and bright. The extra skin on the eyelids makes people look sleepy and lazy. This does not give a good impression on others as people think the person is still under the influence of alcohol.

The same is the case with facelift, which makes your face look fresher and brighter. Many older people nowadays are using this method to get older fresher faces which suited them most. It is known as the ladies procedure, but the recent studies have shown that not just the ladies but the men have also started experiencing this procedure because of its best results.

Rocco Dispirito had plastic surgery to improve his self image. The before & after pictures show that he had Botox and a facelift. Overall, were Rocco Dispirito's 2 cosmetic surgery procedures a good or bad idea?