Sunday, September 15, 2013

Robert Redford Botox Injections, Facelift,Eyelift Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Robert Redford Have Plastic Surgery?

This American actor whose complete name Charles Robert Redford, Jr. is not best known as actor but he is also well known as film director and businessman. He reportedly had some works done on his face when some his fans and other celebrity media found that there were subtle changes on his appearance. They believed that he must have had eyelift surgery that had reduced the skins on his upper and lower eyelid area. As it was revealed by Dr Peter Geldner, the surgeon assessed that this 76 years old actor had some treatments, possibly eye-lift procedure, to grid his hooded appearance on his eyes. The doctor also added that eyelid surgery has made his eyes look more awake. In addition, one of popular magazines in America revealed that Redford had to spend rough £750 for his plastic surgery at a clinic in Santa Monica.

Judging by Robert Redford before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, he did not only apparently have eyelift surgery but he also likely had facelift, Botox injection, and other facial filler on his face. As the result, his appearance now looks a bit sunken especially around his eyes. According to Marc Kayem, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, he did not seemingly have eyelift surgery but he also apparently had other surgery to omit a mole located on his right cheek.

However, when those rumors were confirmed to Robert Redford, he strongly denied that he had been under surgeon knife but on the contrary he ensured that he has been intending to age gracefully. He assessed that plastic surgery would only make his life in painful condition and he did not want to break his beautiful life.

Over all, even though Redford has denied that he had some procedures of plastic surgery on his face and insisted to grow old naturally but the pictures comparison and some plastic surgeons explanation made some people believed that he evidently had aesthetic surgery procedures.

What kinds of plastic surgery Robert Redford did then?

Robert Redford is currently 76 years old. What make him be discussed in this site due to his youthful look in recent years that cut his age for 20 years old. Nowadays,  he looked like a 50 years old man. He got lack of sagging skin. There’s only one thing that can answer the big question how he could keep his look young. That’s a plastic surgery. It’s impossible if his current look got from natural treatment.

Probably, this veteran actor might have a facelift, botox, some fillers and an eyelid surgery. Like common celebrity, Robert Redford did a facelift to rejuvenate his look by tightening the skin. We could see that his facial skin was tighten nicely. The second procedure brought him the removing wrinkles step. The wrinkles in the forehead area had been removed with the botox injected. Nowadays, his forehead looked smooth.

And the third is the eyelid surgery. This procedure had brought his eyes to looked more refresh, we guess it’s so fresh for a man in that age. Those 3 procedures were not all rumors that approaching him, another plastic surgery he might possibly have is an injection on the cheek to make his face looked younger. Overall, he looked successfully done with a plastic surgery, even though he himself didn’t admit it. Because mouth can hide the truth, but the face, it can’t.

Wrinkle Smoothes by Botox Injections

It is non other than Botox. And just look at his eye area. There’s no unwanted baggy skin. He has removed it by the process called Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). You know, eyes are the most noticeable part on a face. Any changes that happens to the eyes can be easily spotted. Especially when you’re a celebrity. Robert started his career in the year 1959 and he is known as an actor as well as film director.

Oh sorry, we were talking about his plastic surgery. As I said before, he has probably done Botox fillers and eye-lift. Well, this is just speculations because he has not admitted any of these rumors. That’s common among Hollywood celebrities. The one thing that I hate most about celebrities is they wouldn’t admit having work done. Just look at his photos, it is so frozen and almost no aging signs. He looks good at this age and has an eye which is perfect wide. I don’t think that he got all these changes by natural. It’s a perfect work done by an experienced plastic surgeon. I said so because he got the desired results.

We’ve seen celebrities who has done Botox in large amount, but failed. Robert Redford’s decision on plastic surgery was a right one. I think the plastic surgery gave him confidence and self-esteem. He is now more into political field more than film industry. As a politician he has to attend meeting and face people in person. So this youthful looking face will be a great addition to his career.

Most of the rumors regarding possible Robert Redford plastic surgery are concentrated on his face. Some people believe that he might have had a face lift procedure, eye lid lift and Botox injections. If we look at the photo comparisons, we can see that there really have been some changes in actors appearance. His eyes look wider and it seems that the loose skin around his eyes has been somehow reduced. Overall, there aren’t many wrinkles on his face, but his face doesn’t look too smooth either – the plastic surgeries that he had made him look younger without making his face look face and “plastic”.

At least for now, none of the Robert Redford plastic surgery rumors have been confirmed and the only possible proof is photo comparisons. It is more than obvious that some work has been done around his eyes, but it is still unclear if he did have any other plastic surgery procedures. One way or another, we can safely say that Robert Redford plastic surgery, if it has really happened, was done professionally and subtly. The changes on his face look natural and they only made his face look younger without drastically changing his appearance. Most of the people agree that Robert Redford is a handsome man, even when he’s already in his 70s.

All in all, it seems that some of the rumors about Robert Redford plastic surgery are true. There have been some subtle changes in actors appearance which can only be spotted when looking at the photo comparisons. Despite that, he looks great and the surgeries that he had certainly aren’t one of the plastic surgery gone wrong examples. If fact, we couldn’t even tell if he had a plastic surgery if we wouldn’t compare the photos – there are no scars or marks of any kind of plastic procedure seen on his face.