Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs, Facelift Before and After

Rupert Everett & Dannii Minogue Comment on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Rupert Everett is rumored to have undergone multiple facial surgeries, including eyelifts, facelifts and overuse of injectables.

Dr .Shafer says, “Rupert Everett appears as though he has had changes from previous pictures to his cheeks, lips and chin. This can all be achieved with injections. Sometimes people do not consider injections ‘plastic surgery’ but still take on a plastic look. Either way, nothing can be said for certain from the pictures.”

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail, “Come on, look for yourself. You won’t find any marks or scars. I have not had a facelift. Do you see marks of any kind?”

Dr. Nassif says, “He may not have scars behind his ears but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had anything done. It looks like he’s used some botox to the sides of his forehead. His eyes are bigger than they previously were suggesting upper and lower blepharoplasties to open up his peepers. He does look like he’s had a nose job. If you look closely, the nose is more triangular shaped from the top to the base, unlike previous sightings. Furthermore, his nose is thinner that it was and the tip is narrower. His chin is also a bit broader and softer in appearance than it was before, suggesting a chin implant.”

However, Rupert didn’t rule out plastic surgery in the future. When asked, he said, “Why not? But all these things are better for girls because a man’s forehead that doesn’t move is too big. For girls, if they have hair over it, it’s all right, but for guys it’s not really a thing that works particularly well.”

There are some disputes concerning with Rupert Everett plastic surgery. Some of them said that it was the foolish decision that he ever made while not a few of them claimed that there was not a lot of changes on his appearance.

Rupert Everett is best known by public as an English actor who has been playing many films during his career in film industry. But now he is being spotted to have some procedures of plastic surgery like Botox injection and injectable filler. This actor also possibly had blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.

The signs of his facial surgery procedures can be seen through his face especially around his cheek and chin in which his cheek now looks bit chubby while his chin appears to be more filled with fuller lips as if it has undergone lip augmentation. Whereas, he was previously known having sunken cheek and slacked down chin.

When those cosmetic surgery procedures were confirmed to Rupert Everett, he neither confirmed nor denied whether he has some jobs done or he has not, he just kept silent concerning with the rumors saying that he had some facial surgeries. However, according to Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York, Everett might have had some filler injection like Botox and other injectable filler. The surgeon revealed that based on the comparison between Rupert Everett before and after plastic surgery pictures, his cheek now appears to be overly plumped with puffy lip and more filled chin appearance. Dr. Shafer also claimed that My Best Friend’s Wedding star used Botox injection to make his face smooth and flawless around his forehead. Judging by before and after pictures, the doctor believed that Rupert has overboard with his plastic surgery procedures.

On the other hand, Dr. Paul Nassif who is best known as a facial plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills assessed that the actor has outwardly undergone eyelid surgery particularly on his upper and lower eyelids as well. The signs of his blepharoplasty surgery can be seen from his bigger eyes appearance whereas he previously had bit small and narrow eyes. The doctor also found something changed on his nose shape as though it was impacted by nose job. Rupert Everett latest nose appearance looks smaller and thinner whilst he beforehand had wide and round nose shape. However, Dr. Nassif claimed that he looks better after having a series of procedures of cosmetic surgery.

In conclusion, although Rupert Everett plastic surgery rumors are still unconfirmed but judging by before and after pictures comparison some celebrity viewers believed that he must have some jobs done on his face that have remained subtle signs of his face features which looks weird and even awful.

Rupert Everett's Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation

Rupert Everett has undergone some drastic plastic surgery - in fact, it appears he's had just about every facial procedure possible.

The English actor and former pal of Madonna is obviously not interested in growing old gracefully, but his extensive cosmetic surgery has left him looking a little like a Madame Tussauds wax figure.

A strangely mask-like Rupert revealed the extent of his dramatic nip/tuck on the Martha Stewart show last week.

Star magazine hired surgery expert Dr. Brian S. Glatt who praised the new Rupert claiming he has rolled back 10 years.

But we think the My Best Friend's Wedding star, 49, has gone a little too far and is an example of how not to turn back the clock.

Before and After Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Procedure
Some people say that Rupert Everett plastic surgery has been his dumbest decision ever after looking at his before and after appearance. But the other party also stated that he hasn’t changed much though rumor plastic surgery before after may be true. 53 years old Rupert Everett seems has undergone plastic surgery because of he is a kind of men who paying so much attention to his appearance. Apart from the rumor Rupert Everett Is is a Gay, I would say that after plastic surgery he looks hotter than before. May eyes have followed Rupert Everett since 1997 American comedy romantic My Best Friend Wedding and I think from that time this man wasn’t changing much. But rumor says that Rupert Everett has undergone plastic surgery , Botox and Filler injection probably eyelid surgery and nose job too. His before and after plastic surgery picture was widely spread on the internet. Rupert Everett is creating pros and cons does he looks good after plastic surgery or vice versa.

Rupert Everett Filler and Botox Injection
Although men slower to experienced aging than women, Rupert Everett seems has anticipated its from very long time ago by putting his self under the needle. By comparing before and after picture, it was believed that Rupert Everett has minor facial work done for Botox and Filler injection. Before he may spotted has bit sunken cheek and slacked down chin as the aging started to fight his looking face. But recently, probably after the procedure done, his chin looks more filled with trout pout lip and bit chubby cheek. Although he has remained silent, New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Shafer, who compared Rupert Everett before and after photos revealed probably Botox and Filler injection were true. He said although he is a man, his cheek is too plumped with very puffed lip and filled chin too. Dr. David Shafer also stated that Rupert Everett after picture indicated he has Botox injection due his smooth and flawless forehead. Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Shafer placed his position that Rupert Everett after plastic surgery is worse than before.

Rupert Everett Eyelid Surgery and Nose Job
Beverly Hills, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif who compared Rupert Everett before and after photos, revealed this man probably has upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as Botox and Filler injection too. Dr. Paul Nassif says before Rupert Everett eyes bit small and cramped, but now he has bigger eyes as indication of lower and upper eyelid surgery done. Dr. Paul Nassif  also believed that Rupert Everett has nose job too regarding his nose that smaller and thinner in after picture compared than before. Dr. Paul Nassif says though Rupert Everett not the best one, but he agrees that Rupert Everett bit better after the plastic surgery done.

Rupert Everett is hottie hunk that broke so many women’s hearts regarding the rumor he is a gay. But the more interesting here is people started to compare her before and after plastic surgery procedures and guessing what his real reason by undergoing it. But among this all before and after Rupert Everett plastic surgery rumor has divided public into pros and cons sides.