Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rozanna Purcell Plastic Surgery Lips and Facelift Before and After

I have no earthly clue but she looks great now! I love those trademark lips of hers that look like angelina's lips. She is definitely gorgeous!

Many "missologists" are predicting that Miss Ireland for Miss Universe 2010, Rozanna Purcell may go home with the title.  And it is no wonder they think so, Rozanna looks stunning in many of the pictures that we found of her.

With many people already thinking that Rozanna Purcell got some lip enhancement, is plastic surgery one of her beauty secrets?

Pageant organiser Andrea Roche commented about it: "Her lips do look bigger but I think it's just because she's lost some weight from her face... She's been in the gym for three hours every day and has been on a low-fat, no-carb diet, so you can definitely see the difference in her body and her face... She's only 19. There's no way she's had any enhancement or fillers of any kind put in," she added.

Age is not an issue for plastic surgery for many people, especially when it comes to beauty pageant, Roz's lips do look bigger than the "average", but we didn't find a picture were her lips were different. She could have natural lips, however, she got some cosmetic dentistry work done to have her teeth whitened and filed down, no wonder her mega-watt smile may impress many people, including some judges.

Rozanna Purcell, Georgia Salpa and Vogue Williams to admit plastic surgery?

Rozanna Purcell, Georgia Salpa and Vogue Williams are among the Paddy Power favourites to reveal work has been done

God gave them some stunning natural assets but that isn’t stopping some of today’s Irish models from injecting their lips with filler and upgrading their bust another cup size or two according to Assets boss Derek Daniels.

While the model boss refused to name names in a recent interview, that hasn’t stopped punters speculating on who the image conscious ladies are and Paddy Power have even opened betting on which one of Ireland’s leggy lovelies will admit to having “work done” first.

Miss Universe Ireland 2010 Rozanna Purcell is the bookies 2/1 favourite to say she’s had some cosmetic help followed by top model and Kim Kardashian look-a-like Georgia Salpa at 9/4. Fade Street stars CiCi Kavanagh and Vogue Williams are next in line at 5/1 and 6/1 while the outsiders on the list to put their hands up to a little nip, tuck and plump include Rosanna Davison at 10/1, Nadia Forde at 16/1 and Pippa O’Connor at 20/1.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power told Bettingpro: “There are a few we have our suspicions about but whether they admit to it or not is another thing. At the end of the day it’s their choice but why on earth these beautiful models are tempted to dabble with Mother Nature is anyone’s guess. Our punters though are happy to put their money where their mouth (and boobs are) on this one!”

Video  Rozanna Purcell Plastic Surgery