Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rumors Robbie Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Look aLike

Rumors Robbie Williams wants plastic surgery

Robbie Williams plans to get his fresh-faced 90s looks back embarking on their mammoth tour in the New Year

Robbie Williams, 36, said: “We had a chat the other day about what we would like to have ‘done’. I’m going to have everything done. I will end up like…”

Here, Gary Barlow butted in with: “Sylvester Stallone!”

To which Robbie Williams replied: “No, I’m going to look like Sylvester Stallone’s mum (Jackie), not Sylvester.”

New Dad Robbie Williams Says He'll Do Drugs With His Daughter, is Pretty Irresponsible

"I doubt she'll be like me. Touch wood, and follow that with a lot of love and a lot of luck, she won't go there or have to go there. If unfortunately that does happen, I'll know what to do. Which is make sure she's got the best drugs possible -- and take them with her.''

Robbie Williams on taking drugs with his daughter if that's what his daughter wants to do.

Side note, Robbie Williams, if you're unfamiliar, is a super talented, critically-acclaimed British musician who's had a history of substance abuse issues that required rehab.

Moving on? It's an interesting notion full of whimsy and good intentions, but you know what they say about the road to hell, don't you? Because it's that it's paved with good intentions. And while Robbie comes across as a concerned, loving parent, what happens after the drugs are all tried, even if they're good drugs? What if his daughter loves those good drugs so much that she just decides to keep doing them? Is Robbie just going to sit alongside his child and continue to do drugs with her 'til she finally dies from it? Because that's not responsible parenting. That's not using hindsight as an effective tool for helping to raise a child to do the right things. That's setting a child up to live the quip, "Misery loves company."

No, in this case, an addictive personality should go or be sent to rehab, and not chill with her Dad Dukes while both of them self-destruct ... if, you know, it goes that way. Man. What a crazy world we live in sometimes, guys.

1. Full name: Robert Peter "Robbie" Williams
2. Date of Birth: February 13, 1974
3. Raised by mother Janet with his sister Sally in Stoke on Trent, England

4. Original debut to the world of pop: Member of Take That, a british boy band that had one hit in the US with "Back for Good" in 95
5. July 95: Robbie left Take That to start a career on his own
6. First solo single: A George Michael's cover
7. First top 10 single: Freedom
8. First solo album: Life Thru A Lens - this did pretty well but not exceedingly until...Angels
8. Record breaking: Robbie broke the record for most nominations at the 1998 Brit Awards. He was nominated for best male, best single - Angels and No Regrets - best video- Millenium and Let Me Enertain You and Best Album - I've Been Expecting You

9. Robbie's North American Debut: The Ego Has Landed 1st single - Millennium
10. Favorite Foods: sushi and sashimi, Toasted Tuna, Onion and Saladcream Sandwiches his mum makes.
11. Height: 6'1 (or 1,85)
12. Favorite Car: Trabant
13. What he loves to do in his free time: Play golf, Spend time with sister and mum, Chill at home, rollerblade, fish and play football
14. Scar: Robbie has a scar on his head from jumping into a fountain in Italy that had no water in it
15. New Album: Take the Crown

16. Robbie is a huge fan of the band Queen and helped them record three of their songs in 2001.
17. Charities: Give It Sum (goal: improve local conditions and strengthen community life by giving money to those who are disadvantaged), Soccer Aid (goal: raise money for UNICEF UK) , Donna Louise Trust (goal: respite and palliative care to terminally ill and life-limited children who are not expected to live past the age of 16), Testicular Cancer, Jeans For Genes, The Anthony Nolan Trust, Charity Karting 2003, The National Kidney Research Rund and Fashion Rocks.

18. In April 2007, Robbie was threatened by neighbour, Joe Pesci, after he invited pals over to play soccer and blocked Joe's driveway with their cars. Joe stormed out brandishing a golf club, threatening to smash the offending car's windscreen. Robbie initially thought Joe was joking, but told his friends to move their cars after he realized he was serious. Robbie bought Joe a $400,000 Bentley - to make peace after their angry spat.

19. During Robbie's first concert in 2003, he randomly brought a girl on stage and kissed her on her lips. Since then this is a custom for Robbie to do at his concerts.

20. Elton John has asked Robbie to perform at his 60th birthday party at Madison Square Garden. Robbie will perform You Can Leave Your Hat On and has offered to perform a striptease while performing the song.
21. He also worked as a double glazing salesman - though his employers didn't appreciate it too much as he would tell the customers how bad the glazing was.
22. He bites his nails.
23. He likes to drink Lowenbrau (a lager).

24. He likes to wear boots in the winter and trainers in the summers.
25. He loves roller-blading.
26. Robbie never learnt how to drive and therefore has a limo with a driver wherever he goes.
27. He burns candles at both ends.
28. Favorite artists: Oasis and U2.
29. He is very absent-minded and has a tendency to lose things.

30. In December 2006, health groups blasted Robbie for smoking onstage during one of his sell-out Australian concerts. Robbie smoked a cigarette during banter with the 52,000-strong crowd at Suncorp Stadium, in the first of two Brisbane shows from his Close Encounters world tour. Robbie told the crowd he was well aware of a smoking ban at the venue, but had failed in his attempts to quit.
31. In October 2006, Robbie entered the UK rehab centre, The Priory, to battle depression.

32. Robbie has been in adverts for Reebok, Versace, 7Up, Pepsi, Smart and T-Mobile.
33. Robbie has over 13 tatoos all over his body which he is proud of.
34. Sign: Aquarius
35. When Robbie fancied some curry with friends in December 2006, he was worried about being hassled by fans at the restaurant. He offered to pay for everyone's dinner if he was left in peace. It worked!