Thursday, March 6, 2014

Did Lara Spencer have Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Facelift before and after

Has Lara Spencer Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Celeb plastic surgery is rampant these days but it’s not as in the past where botched jobs were common and almost anyone could tell that someone got rhinoplasty or collagen injections.  Currently plastic surgery is more refined and almost impossible to detect unless it was a bad plastic surgery job.
Lara Spencer, daughter of Carolyn and Richard von Seelen, was born on June 19th 1969, in New York city. She was raised in Long Island and attended Penn State.

She was married to David Haffenreffer and has two kids Katherine and David. She is most known for working as a lifestyle anchor for Good Morning America, and hosting The Insider.

She was also a correspondent for Nightline and ABC News. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids and dog Dandy.

Lara Spencer: “Another News Room Speculation”
As with other news room stars, questions are bound to be asked about Lara having cosmetic surgery (see also Andrea Mitchell, Greta van Susteren and Kathie Lee Gifford).
Although, well known in the news world, there is not a lot of information about whether or not she has had plastic surgery.

But not all plastic surgery is as obvious as ‘The Cat Lady’ who’s surgeries take the concept to the ultimate extreme. So it comes as no surprise that without distinct changes such as a massive breast augmentation or face lifts it’s hard to say whether or not Lara Spencer has had plastic surgery.
Many Hollywood actresses choose to have plastic surgery done in order to improve their chances at getting a movie role. We are not in the least surprised that Lara Spencer also decided to undergo some procedures that made her appear younger. Lara is not young anymore but she looks fresher than many other women her age. The actress claimed the cosmetic surgery rumors are unfounded but her face looks smooth and wrinkle free. It is quite clear Spencer had botox injections done to smooth over the fine lines on her forehead and possibly her eyes.

Her case is however a lucky one and the actress appears natural looking. The actress’ smile lines go unnoticed so probably fillers were injected in the area for a more youthful look. Of course, good genes probably also had something to do with it and the actress is well known for taking care of her skin and keeping a balanced diet. We cannot know for sure whether the actress had any surgery done to her face and if she did, her surgeon did an amazing job. Lara Spencer did not go overboard with her assumed procedures so everyone who considers surgery should follow her example.

Lara Spencer – Has She Had Plastic Surgery?
Lara Spencer is very successful in what she does. She is not just an anchor but a correspondent too; mostly for Nightline and ABC News.

Born in Long Island on June 19th, 1969, Lara Spencer certainly looks good for her almost-fifty year old self. The thing with Lara Spencer is that no one really knows whether or not she has had any celebrity plastic surgery work done. She certainly looks good but there aren’t the usual signs of a little nip and tuck…

Some surgeons have suggested that Lara Spencer may have had a little bit of Botox done in her forehead to keep her looking young and wrinkle free. The only problem with this report is that recent photos taken of her in 2013 showed her looking stunningly beautiful… but with the addition of a couple of wrinkles.
Don’t get us wrong – you’d be hard pressed to find them. We definitely aren’t saying that she looks her age. However, the crow’s lines around her eyes are natural looking, if not well masked by a thick covering of makeup, and she doesn’t have the whole puffy head thing going on that so many women that have undergone filler procedures will show. Just take a look around the other celebrity plastic surgery reports we’ve uncovered on the site and you’ll see.

Of course, whenever she has been approached by people asking about the truth behind the celebrity plastic surgery reports, Lara Spencer always flatly denies the rumours. Nobody wants to admit that they were looking a bit older and needed a little work done in order to keep their naturally youthful look about them? We certainly wouldn’t want to admit it, that’s for sure!
Good diet and an active lifestyle; oh and good genes. That’s what Lara Spencer says you need in order to look as good as she does at the age of 44. We aren’t really sold on the idea that she has had any work done. To be fair, as good as she looks, there are still tiny signs of ageing that we ladies can pick up on, right?