Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Facelift Before and After Photos

Sometimes an actress is known for a signature role, whether on television or in the movies. This is the case with television actress Kyra Sedgwick, well known for her character Brenda Johnson, on the program The Closer. Even pushing 50 years of age, this American actress is famous for her youthful appearance. Is it all natural? The experts say that it isn’t likely!
Of course, every actress in Hollywood is using ‘natural’ beautifying regimens instead of plastic surgery- just ask them! Far too often, however, the truth is that no magical potion, pill or cream can produce the incredible results of just one afternoon with a cosmetic surgeon. In the case of Kyra Sedgwick, however, there actually is some degree of debate as to where her looks come from. Her critics and fans alike are constantly on the lookout for any signs that she has clearly gone under the knife.

What kinds of plastic surgery has she likely had?

There’s some detail information about her look, this could be a simple reference for people to know whether she had a plastic surgery or not?

The first clue that alerts us that she had something done to her face is her smooth forehead. For a nearly 50 year old woman, having no wrinkles is a strange thing. Her smooth forehead might indicate that Kyra Sedgwick had injected Botox to remove all the wrinkles that have appeared in her face.
The second this, she might also have had a facelift. A facelift might be used by her to make her face skin look tight and perfectly youthful.

Has Kyra Really Had Plastic Surgery Or Not?

Are Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery rumors or reality?

Like other top celebrities (see plastic surgery and Kim Kardashian, for example). Kyra Sedgwick has been accused in the media of secret celebrity plastic surgery in national magazines.

No much evidence in these before and after pictures of Kyra Sedgwick (image hosted by is something that only she and her husband would be able to verify, but they are not talking about it much. But if such rumors are true, the details allegedly went something like this.

She did have at least one negative experience with a plastic surgery procedure, but gives no great details publicly.

Apparently Kyra did go in for what she describes as a minor face lift a while ago, which was in combination with an unspecified treatment using a Botox-like injection of some type.

She was not happy with it after it was done. Her experience was not what she expected at all and Kyra claims it left her forehead immobile for some time after that. She now voices that she is against the use of any cosmetic surgery.

And the last clue is her breasts. She might have had a breast augmentation.  The woman, who was born on the 19th of August, 1965 appears to have undergone plastic surgery for her breasts. Comparing her current looks to the previous ones, you will see a change in her breasts. They now appear to be much bigger.

There are some suspicious culprits, such as her far too smooth forehead, which give the impression that she has had some work done, even if only injected fillers. At her age, wrinkles should be rearing their ugly heads on her head. The likely method of wrinkle removal would be Botox in Kyra’s case. Could there be something more pulling her skin back? If she has had a facelift, this could also explain her smooth facial skin- or she could be using a combination of both procedures.

Another area of the female body that tends to sag with time is the chest. It is very possible, given the photographic evidence, that she has had a breast augmentation. Her breasts appear larger and firmer now than ever before, and are perkier than the average woman her age. This could be the work of natural supplements, but the chances are 100 to 1 that it was actually plastic surgery.
Based on before and after of Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery pictures, she apparently had more than once of facelift and Botox. Her face seemingly experienced more than once facelift as well as Botox injection. They all can be seen through her face skin appearance in which she looks younger for her age. However Kyra Sedgwick has her own assessment dealing with the rolling rumors which said that her youthful face appearance was the product of plastic surgery, she confessed that she had one procedure in the past but it did not meet her expectation so she needed to have additional surgical procedures to make her face better and natural in which it previously looked much fuller and her forehead was inflexible. Her confession likely met the facts that she grew up older with natural process, it can be seen from her before and after pictures which still remain a few wrinkles round her mouth. Her confession also pleased her fans base who considered her did not align other Hollywood celebrities who went further for plastic surgery in their old age.

In short, since everything can happen in this world. Although she has confessed that her youthful appearance was naturally shaped but we will not know that she will have surgical procedures when she gets much older than her age now. But one thing that we noticed from her latest appearance, she looks natural as if she did not have any jobs done on her face, what do you think about her latest appearance? Did her natural look seem to be the result of surgical procedures or it was 100% natural?