Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Destroyed by Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Did Lindsay Lohan Undergone Plastic Surgery
It is very difficult to understand the trends and requirements of Hollywood. It is understandable that mature celebrities take help from plastic surgery because they have to deal with brutal aging signs, but what forces young stars to undergo such painful procedures? The desire to look beautiful and young is present in every heart, but some individuals especially those who belong to the entertainment industry t take drastic steps, which bring only negative outcomes for their natural looks and beauty. Lindsay Lohan is a popular name of Hollywood because she has been successful in impressing the audience with her acting as well as singing talent. She is associated with the fashion industry since she was three years old and has earned a huge numbers of followers. When she came into limelight her beauty was very much praised, but with the passage of time some changes started to appear in the actress, which can’t be regarded as natural alterations or effects of aging. Many of her fans noticed that the breasts of Lohan seem augmented indicating towards the possibility of lindsay lohan plastic surgery.
Lindsay Lohan liquid facelift and lip injection before and after photos

Plastic surgeons confirmed Lindsay Lohan has had fillers injected into her lips and cheeks. Some said she has used the latest plastic surgery technique called “liquid facelift.” which combines botox with fillers to redefine the face. This technique allows little or no cutting. But it seems she has done too much of liquid facelift!
She got balled up socks surgically implanted in her cheeks; ; the skin between her eyelid and her eyebrows has been filled with pieces cut out from a Dr. Scholl’s high heel pad; and her forehead’s been shellacked with a mixture of cement and that gel wax manicure stuff you can get at the nail salon.

Compare with the photos in 2003 and 2009, you will see her face fuller and her lip becomes overly plumped than before because she’s got a handful of gummy worms sewn into her top and bottom lips.

Lindsay Lohan Face Morph Video Shows Actress Age Rapidly
It's been a banner week for Lindsay Lohan. First, it was confirmed that she'll appear as a guest star on "Glee" this spring. Then came her final court hearing Thursday, where she was taken off formal probation.

With all of this good news, we wanted to celebrate the triumphant return of Lindsay Lohan by looking back at photos of her over the years, but when we stumbled across this face morph video of the actress, we were at a loss for words.
The video -- just like the one of Britney Spears that hit the web a few weeks ago shows photos of Lohan throughout her 25 years. Her baby photos are cute, followed by images from her "Parent Trap" years, and then things get scary.

Lohan is no stranger when it comes to being ridiculed about her appearance. Even Blondie singer Debbie Harry, 66, was mistaken for her in New York recently. But thanks to the video, you can actually see Lohan add decades to her appearance in just a few short seconds.

Check out the video below! The last few images of Lohan are pretty dramatic, so watch at your own risk.

Lindsay Lohan Before & After: Surgeon Comments on Her New Look

Is it just us, or is Lindsay Lohan looking a little different these days? Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher gives Celebuzz his expert opinion on her appearance, after some have speculated she's had plastic surgery.
It is important to note that Dr. Fisher has NOT treated Lohan. After looking at the most recent pics of the star, especially in contrast to just a few years ago (our before shot above is from 2006), he says it appears she has had some work done.

"She looks like she has had an excessive amount of filler injected in her face," he says, adding, "I'm not a fan."
Dermal fillers are non-invasive, non-surgical injections used in the lips, cheeks and under the eye. They can be used to even out scars, as well as in other areas to reshape the surface appearance of the face. Juvederm was a popular filler a few years ago, but many docs have started using Radiesse to enhance shallow contours or soften facial creases and wrinkles because it tends to last longer and have a higher satisfaction rate among patients.
If the rumors are to be believed, then we will have to mention that Lohan is not a natural beauty and prefers the idea of taking help from the knife of surgeon for improving her looks and over all appeal. When these speculations managed to enter Lohan`s ears she very smartly denied all such possibilities and insists that she has not taken help from any plastic surgeon.
When the photographs of Lohan taken in past were consulted some visible changes in her boobs and appearance were noted indicating towards lindsay lohan plastic surgery. Her boobs were not that much large and highlighted in past and this visible change suggest that she had been under knife for augmenting them. Many of her fans who are following her since Lohan`s first public appearance share the view that she has been under knife more than once for modifying different parts of her body. Although, visible changes can be noted in the bra size of Lohan, but at the same time one cannot rule out the possibility of nose job.