Monday, March 10, 2014

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Facelift and Eyelid Surgery

What thing do you have in mind when seeing 70 year old Linda Evans? There’s a statement from fans where they said that she was so plastic. Talking about Linda Evans, there would be a simple  question. Why did she go under the knife? It looks like she has overdone with it. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, explained that Linda Evans might have had several kinds of plastic surgery including a facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and lip augmentation.

Has Linda Evans Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people want to know about Linda Evans’ plastic surgery procedures.

She is often thought of as one of the most natural beauties to grace the television. Linda Evans is most well known for her starring role in Dynasty in the 1980s.

This night time soap opera was one of the most watched shows in television history.

She was born Linda Evanstat on Nov 18,1942 in Hartford, Connecticut, but later changed her name when she got her break in the television industry.

Her parents were professional dancers who moved to Hollywood when Linda was three. Her first starring role was in the television series the Big Valley where she played Audrey Barkley in the 1960′s.
Linda Talks Openly About Plastic Surgery

Often celeb plastic surgery is not talked about by the person who has had work done. However, Linda Evans talks freely about the procedures that she has undergone.

She now admits that she has overdone the surgeries that she has undergone and is sorry that some of the procedures were completed. In fact she has done interviews with both Oprah and Diane Sawyer about her plastic surgery gone wrong.

The most obvious problem with her face is the large lips that have appeared on her face. While these lips may look great on a young person, they look unnatural on a person of her age.

The large lips combined with the over filled cheeks, make her face appear unnatural and strange. While Linda Evans is still beautiful, she does not have the same face she did before undergoing her many procedures.

The first is the facelift. This procedure has made her face tighter. The second is the significant change in her nose. The nose looks so different, especially the tip and the bridge. Her nose looks more pointed than before. Her current nose is not good enough, the previous one is better. The alternation to her previous nose was an unnecessary change.
The third is eyelid surgery. This procedure has made her eyes fresher, and any wrinkles or sagging skin around her eyes had been removed. She also had a lip augmentation, her lips look so nutritious, and too plump. And her cheeks look strange, like she’s injected too many fillers. Overall, the 70 year old woman has overdone the facial surgeries and now looks plastic.

Did Linda Evans Have Plastic Surgery?

A little reminiscing about the golden times in her career, Linda got her fame in acting when she had a role as Audra Barkley in The Big Valley series in 1960s afterwards her name became more popular when she played in Dynasty, ABC prime time television soap opera in 1981 to 1989. At that time her name was the most talked by many people because of her best acting in various films and television series but when her name has began to fade, she lately came along on the Oprah Winfrey Show with some dramatic appearance even it is mostly unrecognizable.

Some people considered that Ms. Evans appearance is likely the victim of botched plastic surgery because her face now looks much more different than she once looked beautiful. Based on Linda Evans plastic surgery before and after pictures comparison, she apparently had facial some fillers injections and cheek implants which they were likely overcharged.
According to Dr. David Shafer, Manhattan plastic surgeon, this Dynasty star possibly had got too much filler injections or implants on her face and cheeks so that her check now looks like over-exaggerated. The surgeon also revealed that she apparently had got facelift and eyelift surgery as well because her whole face appearance now looks much more stretched and pulled. In addition, Dr. Shafer said that she also appears to have rhinoplasty in which the signs can be seen from her very pinched nose shape. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul S. Nassif claimed that she probably got aggressive nose job, eyelid and brow surgery. The doctor showed that the signs of her rhinoplasty surgery can be seen from her nose appearance which looks too pinched while her eyes and eyebrows now looks over-elevated and hollow that were usually impacted by an aggressive Blepharoplasty and Brow lift procedure.

On the contrary, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston asserted that Linda Evans plastic surgery is a perfect example for the way to grid the aging signs through using one modality. The doctor assessed that Linda’s appearance once looked great after having nose job, facelift procedure, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and brow lift procedure but her appearance now looks a bit different after having too much injection on her face and lips. Therefore, he recommended her not to have additional surgery and injection in the future in order not to make her appearance look more awful and ruined.

In conclusion, there are many celebrities in Hollywood who have been getting older, they are afraid to loose their beautiful image and popularity hence they attempt to have some procedures of plastic surgery to keep their youthful appearance and keep it away from aging signs. Unfortunately plastic surgery does not always guarantee best result but it sometimes makes their appearance looks weird as it was experienced by Linda Evans, a successful and well known actress in 1980s.