Monday, March 31, 2014

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Injections Before and After

Mary Louise Parker Has Youthful Appearance Without Plastic Surgery

In Western society, plastic surgery has become the first choice of celebrities to modify their appearance with artificial looks. People have become interested in sudden changes appear in the figure and face cuts of their famous personalities. It has become a hobby to check their past and present pictures and point out the major differences in their features. Mary Louise is a prominent American celebrity and she has crossed her early 50s.  Nowadays, she is the hub of the speculations of the media and at her fans. Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery has given her young and fresh appearance.

Mary Louise Parker is widely observed by an audience due to her great looks in her 50s. It is the getting old time period when the skin of the body loses its elasticity. Wrinkles and loose skin are common characteristics of this age period. Amazingly, she has no definite signs of aging. Her youthful appearance has shocked people and it is believed that she is taking Botox injections to remove her wrinkles. Her forehead gives the evidence of Botox injections because it looks frozen and expressionless. However, Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery has not included her in the list of bad plastic surgery victims like Meg Reyan.

Has Mary Louise Parker Had Plastic Surgery?

This one is a tough call, especially since Parker isn’t what you’d normally call a plastic surgery celebrity. Others fall conveniently into that category – see Kris Jenner for example.

Television is traditionally a place for actresses that want to age gracefully without the assistance of a surgeon’s knife. But it is hard to argue with the notion that for a mother in her 40s Mary Louise Parker does have remarkably few wrinkles. Whether it’s around her eyes, her smile or frown lines, her face is smooth and youthful looking.

Of course, if you throw out clean living and lots of personal care as the only reason that Parker looks so good at her age, you’re left with a lot of plastic surgery options. For instance there is laser skin rejuvination, which can help maintain a youthful look and vitality with regular treatments.

There have also been those that have claimed she must be a fan of Botox, and it does appear that her face has the smooth, difficult to emote through veneer common to those that use Botox to remain wrinkle free and youthful.

But in the end, you have to weigh the claims against any sort of evidence that we can find about whether or not there has been cosmetic surgery.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery is still unconfirmed. There may be some other reasons for her juvenile appearance. It can be her good genes, healthy lifestyle or yoga exercise routine. It is important to know that make up and anti aging creams can also play a vital role in keeping the skin fresh and young. In case, she has opted for plastic surgery then her surgeon has treated her face with great skills. She looks natural and cannot even a minor sign of bad surgery.

If Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery is an authentic news then we have to appreciate her for a decision. It shows she is a sober and bright minded lady. She is not afraid of her aging effects. It is the right of women to enhance their beauty and look charming but it is ridiculous to spoil the natural looks by excessive plastic surgeries. We cannot go against the rule of nature. It is possible that our attention, healthy diet and some medical treatment can slow down the process of aging but we cannot be able to stop it forever.

Botox Injections

Mary-Louise Parker never admitted yet denies that she got herself under the needle for regular botox injection. But its likely that she let everyone observing her facial appearance that showing botox injection traces there. To smoothing horizontal crease on her forehead and make it looks smooth, she as accused has regular botox injection. The rumor is that she also accused rejuvenated her facial skin with laser treatment such as CoolTouch, Active Fx, or Fraxel to reduced lines and wrinkles.

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Its likely that Mary-Louise Parker nose job is intended to refined her nasal shape, not to change it entirely. It because there are nothing significant changing on her nose despite the tip that more pointed and well defined. Previously she actually has nice nose but the tip is bit big and less rounded. And now Mary-Louise Parker nose looks well structured, pinched and more pointed on the tip.

Mary-Louise Parker doesn’t showing indication she has more than botox and nose job to enhance her beauty trough plastic surgery. But I think those procedures is quite enough to make Mary-Louise Parker looks good along with her comeback to the screen. And its seems that Mary-Louise Parker is ready to rock Hollywood again with her natural appearance that probably from plastic surgery result.