Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants

Has Mariah Carey Had Cosmetic Surgery?

That’s the question that thousands of fans worldwide are asking. The pictures show proof that there have been some change to her body.  But whether these are from exercise and diet or surgery, it can be hard to tell.

Has Mariah Carey had plastic surgery Either way, Mariah Carey is one of the top pop divas of all time and her fame just does not seem to quit.

Born on March 27, 1970, Mariah Carey has been known for years as a sexy pop singer with an amazing voice. Being from Huntington New York, she also has a bit of an attitude to go with it.

Currently married to Nick Cannon and mother to 2 beautiful children, she has the vocal range of an angel.

She has won 5 Grammy Awards including Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She was the best-selling female performer of the 1990s and her fans have not forgotten her. Even her newest album “Merry Christmas II You” went gold.

What kind of plastic Mariah Carey have done?

Mariah Carey nose job!

Her nose was nearly wide and not fit for her face, now it’s much more better shaped. Just see her nose, now she has more narrower nose and very pretty. Her breast size also had huge changes. You can also see her cheek shape changed.

Mariah Carey Liposuction!

Mariah Carey has done plastic surgery of liposuction on her stomach. You can easily see the difference of her before and after photos below. She had some extra weight on her stomach before and now it seems much more smooth. If you think it might be due to her weight loss, then just check of her weight gain during these years and you will know that is not the fact.

Mariah Carey breast implants!

Mariah Carey’s breast size has been changed along these years, she seems to just have an A cup  sized breasts, now her breast size seems to increase 2 cups! Although it might be linked with her weight gain, but more possibly because of the breast implants. If it’s because of breast implants. I have to admit that her plastic surgeon is excellent! Her breast implants is one of the best one I ever seen. Very natural and not fake at all! What do you think?

Truth To Mariah Carey’s Cosmetic Enhancement Rumors?

There have been rumors that, just like Sharon Stone’s cosmetic surgery, she has had work done to her face and body.

She has always denied these rumors saying that the changes have been due to age and the loss of weight after her children were born. Most people can agree that the changes in her face are nothing like Sandra Bullock’s plastic surgery, which seems obviously unreal.

Many still believe Mariah has had at least a tummy tuck or breast augmentation following the birth of her children. Equally, she maby have lost the weight naturally through regular exercise.  Some, however, argue it could be from celebrity plastic surgery.

Mariah certainly knows how to take care of herself and she certainly has the money for any type of surgery that she feels may be necessary.

Celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures are always interesting. There are many different schools of thought about these. Of course, pictures can always be doctored to make the celebrity look different, but most of Mariah’s before and after pictures are inconclusive.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon and frequenter commentator on the subject of celebrity plastic surgery stated not long ago that “I think it’s highly unlikely that Mariah became as flat and stretch-mark free as she is after having twins without a plastic surgeon’s help.” Others clearly agree with his viewpoint.

While there are many plastic surgery gone wrong celebrities, Mariah is definitely not one of them. If she did have any cosmetic procedures, then they were very successful. She certainly looks amazing and not at all like the 40-something that she is!